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  1. yeah i heard about this earlier in the week.definetly gonna try and make it out
  2. syndicate

    Kem 5

    fucking sick..kems a maniac.big up 3a crew
  3. dam that tec piece is hot.ive never seen him rock shit like that.nice job
  4. sick!good lookin on the ebis pics
  5. i was wondering who that was.didnt think it was trom
  6. http://www.uniteegraphics.com/flix/reogarbage.jpg'> yo semi whose piece is on the left here?
  7. word...your probaly right...its def not america
  8. http://www.tribalgear.com/graffiti/pics3/graf3-21.jpg'>
  9. yo thats some sick blackbook action there.
  10. Re: SHE DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS CUMIN!!!! that picture is fucking quality
  11. syndicate

    ::SUB DF::

    lovin that last pic...i think i saw that in underpressure
  12. yo shit looks hot!lovin that charachter on the frieght keep it up
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