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  1. Dave Chappelle and is back, right now he's just doing stand up around the US. I found this out after I missed him when he came to my state. Aside from that, word is he's not doing Chappelle show again. Before he went on tour he was just kicking at his house in Ohio where he lives near Antioch College. Apparently he's tired of the fakery that comes along with being famous and is kind of sick of the big city. I wish I could talk to him. I happened to appear on the last episode of Chappelle show on his music wrap-up episode where he visited his old high school (we went to the same high school). As for after touring I dunno but I wish I did. He's one of the funniest men in America
  2. master bates

    X-BOX 360

    My friend just waited in line from last night til 9 this morning in the cold at Best Buy. They only hd 14 available and he was the last one to get one there. He was siked he paid $400.00. Is there a better console coming out that I could get just to piss him off? I think there's a new Playstation right? Lemme know
  3. Miles Davis- Kind of Blue John Coltrane- My Favorite Things
  4. His shit's been up at angry naked pat way before he had a show. he had tons of skits and shit but his show sucks ass. his shit was good to show to friends when you were chillin but you have to be in the right mindset, or high. you'd be betteroff checking out http://www.cryingwhileeating.com, shits hilarious!!!!
  5. The last time i took one of them shits was when i went from dc to ny to visit a friend at school. but i didn't take the greyhound bus i actually took a bus run by hasidic jews so it's a lot cheaper($20.00 round trip). i decided to sit all the way in the back, mind you everytime i take a bus or plane i always hope that some fine ass girl comes and sits next to me. anywho, i'm in the back and there are three seats, i'm sitting by the window and this fat ass dude is sitting in the aisle seat a seat away from me. finally the bus fills up and this chick comes and has nowhere to sit except between me and lard ass. so we end up talking the whole ride up and fat ass falls asleep. not even 2hours into the trip we end up making out on the bus, best shit ever. when we got to ny we went our separate ways and she said she'd come visit me and lo and behold the next day she did. i was staying the village and she came all the fuck from Jamaica Queens(at the time I didn't understand how far that was) we ended up making out some more in my friends dorm alone. no shit like that ever happened to me before, kinda felt like a pimp.
  6. I mean it's alright but the production on the beats is not good at all. As for your delivery it's cool. I mean I've been listening to a lot of Mac Dre lately so I can see more of where you're coming from. But even still you should watch your flow sometimes it falls out of rhythm with the track. Record yourself with a metronome or practice more with instumentals, play it back and see how it works. More than anything you should be able to spit without any music behind you and people still be able to feel the rhythm, it's the most important part of music
  7. How many Emo kids does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they all sit in the dark and cry. Why did Ron Artest leave the game early? So he could beat the crowd :haha:
  8. They finally caugh the guy, but the thing is it didn't happen in the hood. It happened in in the downtown area of D.C. and she's still out there working and shit. CRAZY!
  9. Thanx that switchboard site really helped. I got some leads.
  10. I'm trying to find someone that I haven't talked to in years and all I have is there name. I don't even know where the fuck they are anymore. They could be anywhere, any state, any country, any planet. Anywho, I know a lot of you on here are computer nerds and you've probably done the same. How did you guys go about it?
  11. There are two guys in my hall (one of which is an RA) found out that the RIAA caught them. They're both computers nerds and my RA actually found out by searching the site of people who were caught. The thing is that they listed them by ip address not name. So when they found out they both changed their ip addresses and their now hoping that they haven't been caught. I'll update you later on what happened.
  12. When refering to music, phrases signify the end of a musical idea and are ususally marked but a cadence. An idea with music usually signifies some kind of motive, a musical technique that the composer may be using to express something about the music.
  13. I was on his show on the music wrap-up episode at the end of the second season. I'm the kid playing sax with that gay song playing. Dave Chappelle graduated from my high school
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