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  1. Is that really Bates over Rime?
  2. I assume you're talking about St. Petersburg in Florida. In that case, do it. One of the best cities I've lived in. There's always weekend shit to do and the weather is great, minus the 3-4 hurricanes a year. Haarlem, Netherlands for me. Once I go through college I'd like to make that happen.
  3. Anyone have the description of those clowns with face paint walking around the suburbs with battle axes and spikes. Something to the extent of "Nigga changed his name to Scandinavius Demonus" or someshit. Best thing that's ever been posted on 12oz.
  4. Wink ONE


    http://www.badongo.com/pic.php?file=onslot...21_scan0001.jpg Eeek. More tomorrow when I'm not so fidgety.
  5. Wink ONE


    Bleh(k?), I just saw your shit in Ch.0 and was going to comment there but, this is as good as any place. I really like that. Have anything else?
  6. Wink ONE


    I actually like that one liner, Poek. I say go find something to get can control on, then start bombing.
  7. I already got tired of e-rapping. It's a proven fact, most cats get whack as time fades But I stay fresh, man- like I failed ninth grade.
  8. It seems she loved the smell of winter Whenever it came, something got in her Her eyes glimmered, breeze tossed her hair Pleasant smile, watched her red nostrils flare Yearning for the chance to play around Spent all day hiking ontop of the mounds Crawling to the next after she came it down She's been crowned Queen of the Mountain In love to where she can't live without it Each day she went to paradise, I thought her selfish But I saw how the frostbite renders her helpless She danced like Indians for a shower of snow Wind burned, couldn't leave if she didn't powder her nose You know how it goes, she took the hard road happily But I let it go on, I let her enjoy her own tragedy Mangled by her own apathy- she had no judgement But I sat back, I did nothing I always believed some cold air opened the chest Till I found her in a pile of snow, frozen to death. This belongs on an album I'm working on, but, whatever. Battle raps whenever I get home.
  9. Oh, word, so Lil John, Yin Yang Twins and all those other garbage rappers aren't aware of them sucking? I'll take white kid rap, kthnx. Milton, if you set a thread up or whatever, I'll rap with you.
  10. White people don't understand what rap is? So being black gives you some innate knowledge of what rap music is all about?
  11. Is it foolish to be putting my hopes in the Dutch? They seem to choke pretty frequently.
  12. Wink ONE


    That's how you mess someone's computer up badly? Click and drag it to the bottom. You owe me your first born.
  13. What would possess you to fight with your arms at your side? Isn't that asking for a punch in the face? And the kung-fu was a lot of arm-flailing trying to block Poncho's punches, but ill nonetheless when he came with the haymaker to the jaw.
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