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  1. fuckslut

    a few nsf trains from this week

    cant hit fr8s in the yard without running up on a rekey....nice shit, tends to stick in my head for some reason, maybe cause its been in the yard forever...sometimes i wonder there by myself at night and think where my life is going and what im doing, if this graffiti thing is holding me back, then i realize im not wearing any clothes except my trusty bunny slippers..
  2. fuckslut

    new ATL flix

    gay...flaming even...
  3. fuckslut

    DHS MDR CREWS -So Cali

    nice shit...entertaining, i like watching movies too...dvds mostly, dvds are great...cause all the extra scenes and all that. Movies make me happy.
  4. fuckslut

    NY subways (and a couple walls)

    lee sento and ghost....i likey. I love history, i liked science to, guess im weird.....
  5. fuckslut

    get the kid with the sideburns

    cool fucking post brother...diggn the merz and mesko....im out rip big L miss u slayer....
  6. fuckslut


    awsome post...i have smiley on facey....rip big L
  7. fuckslut

    classic freights part 2

    triel....great shit, all of it....
  8. fuckslut

    pushing up daisies in babylon

    bump yo....westcoastrepresentmoney.
  9. fuckslut

    pushing up daisies in babylon

    good shit...
  10. fuckslut


    Great, all around good shit, backgrounds, colors, everything....solid.
  11. fuckslut

    san antonio skills

    different kinda bland tho...makes me say ehhh...
  12. fuckslut


    FUCKING SICK, just thats just fucking great man...i totally looked up to all this guys shit when i was coming up...not as a style thing, moreso outta respect......cali always innovating
  13. fuckslut

    abstract 3-ds

    Nice shit....the last ones i mean, usually i wont give that 3d shit a second glance unless it wows me a bit, its kinda sad it comes to that with all the reused and spitout styles people are pulling off nowadays....
  14. fuckslut

    women in large SUVs talking on cellphones...

    bump...ok gk, that shit rocks....like simples even i dont do simples, fuck hes or whatever all the 3a wannabes, dont give airplay to biters....wordupyowestcoastburrough...
  15. fuckslut

    never get attached to no snatch

    dude...there still not up, rip big L, i need the pisser....wheres thePISSER??har.