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  1. harrisonburg? you just arent lookin in the right spots..besides that horrible dusk dude or whatever the fuck he writes fucking up shit
  2. now thats what im talking about..pbr
  3. nova has more good writers than the 757..and people actually see their work outside of the city. and fm did not crush..sorry. throw on the hate niggas
  4. 9 30 got me for a few markers but not my blunt..rip russel jones
  5. nice to see some new skye and dick..or at least something i havent seen a million times..anyone goin to wu tang tomorrow?
  6. Hotpocket


    i thought cold world was broken up..anyway whos going to wu tang tonight?
  7. yo the balance..thats great but fucking edit that post. aside from toys flooding more than the tunnels theres cops that read this shit. be smart..
  8. fox arent you supposed to be in jail? holler at me
  9. Hotpocket


    haha everyone hatin on this skins now because the ravens and the eagles were trash this year..get over it. your teams both need new quarterbacks..i guess birds of a feather flock together
  10. hahahaha, thats hillarious he went over that aids..shits been there forever im surprised that it just happened
  11. Hotpocket


    oh and dusk that hand aint leaned enough boy..you need to sip that sizzurp ha
  12. Hotpocket


    so after i fought some baltimore fans the other night after leaving the vikings game i saw some pretty good graffiti on the way out..wheres all that shit?
  13. yo sieko, i got these flicks from this artshow in dc where sest and smk did these murals a long ass time ago and there was a capoweara (sp) exhibition and shit and BET was there..i dont have a scanner but if you know what im talking about throw those up and ill try to get mine up.
  14. oh and big ups to mr. twenty one the samurai..most of you will probably never catch up
  15. dude..almost all those flicks that the first dude posted are stolen..how the helld you get you hands on that metro..fucking out of hand
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