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Everything posted by TGUNNER

  1. Back to the beach! The big kahuna!
  2. When this song came on and you looked around the room. If a girl knew every word to it, you were getting over that night!!
  3. Holy shit lol.. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Drue_Down again.
  4. Books.. Made me think of these (choose your own adventure):
  5. Flinstones Vitamins and the Tail!! hahaha
  6. Used to get refurbished Zapcos on Fordham rd
  7. I remember my first time hooking one of these bad boy up. I ran the power straight to the battery and looped the remote wire into that as well. Needless to say, Dead battery!! leason learned.. There were no output terminals on these things! I was using home audio Cerwin Vega speakers in a homemade plywood box. 1988 Mustang GT lol
  8. It looks like a 300mph crash, when the were def going even slower than the speed limit bc of the snow and ice. Is there a video?
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