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  1. "Its in the grafitti Artist favor, to be as cool , common ,collected about putting his art on the train as he can" "They must live in there, be allowed to live in there, or jus be allowed to goo off like that" "were dressing the city with our names there beating the sysytem, Were trying our darndest" Whos cap? You cap? I dunno Some big white boy..
  2. Im 23 lived in Westchester actually Eastchester (you dont get more suburban than that) my entire life.. Out of all the writers you listed Only 2 of them are from westchester.. Ill give it to you Shine is dope (not from westchester).. but none of shit starts untill you get into the bronx.. Graf now is nothing compared to then.. In Westchester anyway.. Anyone else agree?? peace..
  3. What are you talkin about?? First look at the title of the thread.. Graffiti on the train lines suck now.. I take the train everymorning and all I do is get annoyed.. The only thing going on now is toys going over dope old pieces. Like the SARO at 238 or the AME and DMAND by Melrose.. Makes me sooo mad!! Oh yeah and if it werent for EMIT you probally wouldent even be here..
  4. http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images/1-25-00_jest_2.jpg'> UltraFlat - Good lookin on that Emit.. This was up 287 from that "C" I think it was Ches. On a different subject, I was Racing Up cental av. last night and I remebered that spot across from where Bradlees used to be.. Up high by that parking lot. NWC had it locked. Sien5 had shit there too. And MYTH nwc.. Ultraflat you gotta have some pics of his shit
  5. http://www.snakepitdenver.com/emit/emit_ct1.jpg'> Was this on the Sprain heading south.. Jackson Av. exit?? I remember there being an Emit there back in the day.. Not sure if this was it. If this was it, it belongs here..
  6. Thanks Joewelcome..... The Mayhem Continues...
  7. WOW thats what Im talkin about!!! This is still there untouched!! I look at it every morning on the way to work!!! It has to be the longest running piece around in westchester that I can think of!! good lookin ultraflat...
  8. Wassup to Joewelcome... man I remember so much stuff from weschester.. I wish I had flics.. Um That Vet throw up in MV comes to mind along with all of those hidden pieces you find that he did.. The Vet on the BRP when in turn into the sprain going south it was actually a simple piece right on the higway.. Ozzie along with another piece with Jent and Pavo throw up right next to it, this is still running from 1985!!!! untouched!! in bewtween crestwood and tuckahoe train stations on the harlem line.. Alos across from those pieces are a Furie 3 piece and a dissed Vet piece still running.. I remember that generator building in between Crestwood and scarsdale had made shit on it like that huge Pace IRS on the back since and comic, noble and besm, fact those old jork pieces (Now Steady Gunnin along the entire back) Represent!!.. Then on all those electrical boxes there were Bone Piece ( im not sure which bone it was though, SOmeone fill me in) one of those bone pieces he wrote happy earth day( this was right off crestwood train staion.. The other one had a Jork throwup on it along with an egon (rip) throw up on it(this was by leewood tunnel).. What else.... The True Mean Creations wall by scarsdale too much stuff to list there that place chaned everday.. All those KBA kats Any, Got, Sic, Lie, Davs, Spok, Zine.. The Girl Scout Cabin on the BRP was a hot spot.. Of Course the TVT hall in white plains Love it!! That so called legal wall in MV on the tracks all the hidden jents and pavs around mount vernon. Wow sorry for writing soo much just got excited thinking about it!! Hope Sub post some flics.. Peace...
  9. I think it was VERT.. from what I heard he actually fell and broke his back or something crazy like that.. Dont mark my words.. There was def a vert up high there;)
  10. Dooope thread!!! One of the last decent productions I can remember at 238 was I think: Mone Vet daim or hesh or both ces and maybe swet.. it was ont he water side can ne one confirm?? 238 I Love it!!! So much history!! Next someone should start a thread on the Pelaham Bay Amtracks!! The would be great..peaccce
  11. The JA/COPE beef up high 238th street... IMP & SKISM another gr8 duo... I remember a SEEN hollow with eyballs in the "E's" at Crestwood train station but never got confirmation if that was real... Its gone now.. I remember that vet throw in MV.. How about the True Mean Creations under that bridge in between Crestwood and Scarsdale(gone now too!!!:( ) SENTO blockbuster on BRP in MV way back... Nice to remember when shit was dope...
  12. Thinkin Back!! Jent & Pavs both from westchester were one of the first doing fr8s in the country!!! Thank them for bringging up the fr8 scene!! How about OZZIE - FURRIE 3.. remeber those guys?? Ozzie I think has the oldest undissed pieces running in westchester(1985).. Its on the Harlem line in between Crestwood and Tuckahoe.. Theres also a dissed Vet Piece and Furie 3 a short ways down from the Ozzie.. Anyone know of these pieces or any othere old Pieces still running?? Keep this topic alive!!
  13. Thank you!! IN my own oppinion Jest, vet, sub and ces were or still are some of the most inspirational writers of all time!!! :rolleyes:
  14. Id have to say some of the best writers and crews came out of westchester..
  15. This was a good topic on tag page way back.. I figured Id shoot it over here.. What does every remember about westchester.. Writers?? Memorable Pieces?? Pieces Still running? Famous Spots? I thought it would be a good topic!!!:)
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