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  1. This is one of the most horrible things I ever seen :shakehead: I hunt, I have gutted skinned and butchered deer before. But this I could not take. Theses animals are being skinned alive, they are alive!!!!
  2. Someone sent me this email a while back. I think this is a bull mastiff
  3. It's all in how you raise them. They are know as fighting dogs, so they automatically have a bad rep. Here is mine. She is spoiled and loved to death. 4 years and we have never had any incodents, she even gets along with all of little drop kick dogs like those miniture dobermans and paris hilton type pooches.
  4. Speaking of Raves. Some the best Dj's were from NY and were great graff artists. Frankie Bones and Adam X brothers. They did tons of trains. Adam X better know as VEN - Clean train king!
  5. Doooooh. That's a Tyke TFO Harlem World 125th, yo! Great thread though!! More Grey!!
  6. Free5 & Muse were one of the best teams EVER!
  7. Much respect. WALLNUTS - one of the only crews in NYC actually doing pieces (even though they are legal) I would much rather look at these than a bunch of rainbow colored throw ups by cats who couldnt draw a straight line if their life depended on it.
  8. Nice. Here we go. Stolen from the Westchester thread. Check out all of the SHAMS tags ;)


    that PIC is in the FLY ID FAMILIA THREAD, CES & VET were upstate writers TMC CES was a FLY ID TRM TROOPER BEFORE THERE EVER WAS AN FX CREW ... know ya history! Quoted post c'mon Swatch, New Ro isnt upstate, its like 5 mins from the BX! LOL TMChillin 05 Quoted post [/b] Werd, eddieguns. Westchester is more like Uptown, lol. Borderline BX...
  10. I'd Rather be fishing. End of story.
  11. Just Beautiful!! Curve Daver Denz Gluey Glue!! High Sigh SI/Utah Zephyr Money Mone ZINE keep shining!! SG2004
  12. Lovin it. Jent & Pavs. The Ones who started it all. Nuff said.
  13. JA KEY DEMAND AYE unfuckingbelievable..
  14. Anyone? Anyone with any AYE or Serif FR8s - Please Post!! I consider them to be top notch NYC Fr8 Guys:king:. Anyone else agree??
  15. Ahhhhh HP. To keep this thread going. http://www.photodump.com/direct/TGUNNER/Gosh_Zine_Throws.jpg'>:D
  16. No problem!! I knew someone would appreciate it. Im suprised that there was not more replys.
  17. Seen in Six!!! Seen - done in 6 yard 98-99 http://www.photodump.com/direct/TGUNNER/Seen_6_yard.jpg'>
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