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  1. ^^ If you do those as tranparent bkgrnd gifs @ 600dpi you will get rid of that white border around everything^^
  2. ^^But SO ILLegal^^ I wish people would add their flicks from the last thread.
  3. Damn what year is that vet? never seen it before. No 3d green inside, yellow outside. strange..
  4. Some great pictures in here. Lovin the Old BX prods! Bump PoseII flicks as well
  5. Thanks for starting this up again, Jive ;)
  6. Are you guys still trying to get old data back, or is it def lost forever? I'm sure you're going nuts and i am sorry about the mishap here.. TIA...
  7. Good story, Jase. Good seein you the other day. We all have to get up one day, have bbq or somehthing..
  8. the pic is def not syphi. i remember him though. he did a good amount of freights..
  9. i think that syph is from connecticut or westchester. Elet as well. There is somme really good stuff by CMYK guys on the i95 by the bronx and westchester. surprised to see them in this thread..
  10. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff Reportage: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=72LxIaXYHTE&feature=related
  11. LOL I get those Old timers confused! No offense, guys!!
  12. Book is not MIA, buddy. It's in good hands. Leroy has it now. Don't worry, people are lined up to do pieces in it!
  13. soo sick. I remember clear as day the one with the spray can at 238th St!! Good Stuff..
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