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  1. Question, figured you guys would be good place to ask:


    I've broken my leg and am consuming around 60mg of both immediate& extended release oxycontin a day...this seems like a lot and even after 5 days I'm building up a tolerance. The nurse and Dr's say you can't develop any tolerance that soon, but common drugs are so subjective and I know my body and the oc's are not working like they used to. How long did you guys who used the oxy's find they were effective before you had to adjust the dosage?


    Honestly I don't know how people find this to be enjoyable.

  2. why does it gotta be hate?...it's an opinion.


    not everyone has to like utah and ether's book.


    they put in work ppl know whats up...to be honest they don't need a fuckin book.




    Fair enough, we all have different tastes. I guess their style appeals more to people in their late 20's/early 30's who've seen the same things over and over again and appreciate the perspective they bring.


    I think the fact that they're so high profile and they've shared quite personal details of their history adds a new level of appeal.


    Personally I'm a big fan.

  3. I used to work in the industry. A sexual health specialist told me the only reason humans have HSV 1&2 and primates only have 1 is because primates can Lick their genitals and humans can't.


    Don't stress your outbreaks are gonna be at their most severe in the first 6-12 months, then taper off once your immune system has adjusted. Get on an antiviral (valaciclovir, famciclovir or one of the many generics) and taper off your dose to when you don't get ANY outbreaks.


    Remember, even if you don't have any outbreaks or symptoms you can still pass it on.band don't be a dick and think that a condom means "she'll be aight" you need to tell people.

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  4. The last couple members posted except Above have been in the crew over 10 years + just to

    clarify that for you since your ill informed...


    Not to be a dick or anything but almost all the shit posted on this page don't look like they've been writing 10 yrs. I've never lived in America and even I can tell you that it's retarded that you've got someone writing RAELS and another guy writing ABOVE. People writing 10 years generally know at least 10 years of history.


    I wish the O.G's like guer and colt45 were still putting out stuff.

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