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  1. those un rollers make me wanna go atak home depot and rampage a skyscraper dope shit
  2. i would fuck a midget to see gift to gab
  3. if you say, " you wouldn't do her" you're just lying to your self
  4. capindikfays


    hah hah hah hah nice deliciouse poop hmmmmmm
  5. rape kill rape kill i'm sorry, it's time for my meds
  6. oops did that come out right? yeah! :king:
  7. capindikfays


    sik pik i haven't seen that one sik shit
  8. DOPER was a dope his shit was clean like the characters in galaxy funk i haven't heard his name in a while he was cool but fuck ER
  9. hah hah hah hah hah please stop me before i die of laughter
  10. ask to see an i.d before you hit it, remember, 15 will get you 20
  11. all i gotta say is CANADA
  12. capindikfays

    Tag Flix

    now thats what im talking about for real 808
  13. Re: Re: AWAKE what are you smoking? atak will fuck up awake ... a concerned bloodskull
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