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  1. The whole thing about putting animals in peoples cars is pretty cool but if you want to get your jollies off then try getting about 8 of your homies together and pick their car up and move it... when i worked at a resturant we did this to the manager who was a heavy set woman that drove a Geo Metro, when she told the owner, he called us into the office and fired me and 5 other guys that i worked with...
  2. I was laughing my ass off during this thread i give props to Rage, Mr.Mang, and MisP... and to Mr.Mang's fatality...
  3. Whether or not this thing with these disfunctional family is true, I dont know but IF it is'nt, and you made it up, then you have a furball for a thinking device... but if it is true then i would like to see a pic of CINDERBLOCK wrestling.
  4. RUFF RIDERS? GOOD FOR YOU, and where did you see them... RIDIN' RUFF with eachother?
  5. ZEROX


    enjoy your butt dart games BRUNO
  6. ZEROX


    Big Bruno are you implying that you wish to stick it to the birthday child?
  7. Well MOPIUS, I personally think that what you have experienced just now was one of the most insanely gross, but yet humerous thing that I've seen on this board... Yet that does'nt mean that you should go and announce what you've seen to the whole world... but then again I looked at this thread thinking i was gonna see YOUR mom naked. While others would actually consider staring at a nude picture of your mother, I still lay pitty upon your soul for saying you mom was even "some-what" hot.....
  8. ZEROX

    erotic stories?!?!?

    TOYS you type too much.
  9. If that is these womans flavor than I say let them go for it... I just would'nt want those "FAG HAGS" to come around me... not because I don't respect them as people or human beings it just not my thing to hang around a dude that is trying to check out my junk, or a woman that hangs around a dude that does that to their homies, nether the less they are humans, and like roaches... they're everywhere you go.
  10. [*]I get paid vacation [*]I have a decent wage... 6.25 [*]I get a raise... .50 [*]It is an easy job [*]I get free gatorade [*]1 hour lunch... paid [*]Two 20 minute breaks paid [*]I quit working at 3:30 and get paid till 4:30 /list=1
  11. so what are you sayin' WHYDONTUDIE that youre jealous that she came across a DAIM piece and sent it to you before you could post it as your own?
  12. ZEROX

    I'm hungry

    my favorite breakfast food is some cold ass leftover pizza from a night before my hangover...with a 1 liter of BIG RED...
  13. smart... the name should say it all
  14. i feel sorry for people who cant get along with others... Mr. C-:huh?:
  15. i hate dating chicks who have white granny panties and you can see when they were on their rag... if they forgot to bleach the motta fucks
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