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  1. Big up to All guys, i've heard they will cahnge subway cars in 2007??
  2. wow! whats that moa wholecar from?
  3. Any Psy 156 flicks from Moscow? I saw 2 pieces hehe
  4. Snack1

    DDS Crew London

    Any DDS panels by TRAN?
  5. Snack1

    Dery BTK

  6. Snack1

    Madrid train blast

    oh fuck fuck the terrorism rip all victims fuck why they choose trainsystem
  7. yeah lads Renks did some burners, but it's hard to find now maybe i'll put em here if find Renks=dope man
  8. do uwriters count graphotism as a cool mag, or it's just a fuckin hiphop magazine with some pages about graff?
  9. yo crazeeb0b we use montanas and local paint Abro we usually mix the paint, cus paintin a fillcolor montana piece is a bit expencive for normal russian. usually it's possible to bribe a cop, i think near train it will be about 30 euros (if they will not start fightin with u) ps how much in euros u pay for a 100 cap pack?
  10. moscow strikes again 3a4em http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/3a4em01.jpg'> oskes-coder http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/oskes-coder01.jpg'> aahh action http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/wcs.jpg'> suka stom http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/suka_stom01.jpg'> winter warz - mou3 http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/mou3_action01.jpg'> snak http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/snak01.jpg'>
  11. saint petersburg rockers 158 gang http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/158_01.jpg'> damn vandals! http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/158action.jpg'> nitro http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/nitro01.jpg'> nitro http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/nitro02.jpg'> ps this post has a wrong name, here u can see not only commuters, but also subways
  12. special for 12oz best poster - Europe Auto UCK http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_ekaterenburg01.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_ekaterenburg02.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_minsk01.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_moscow01.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_moscow02.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_moscow03.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_moscow04.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/auto_moscow05.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Mo
  13. oi oi oi some Deeok KGM for my 12oz niggaz http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/diok01.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/diok02.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/diok03.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/diok04.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/diok_stom01.jpg'>
  14. hm it runs from the place to mainstation usually but sometimes it goes to buff straightly about fr8 - we don't paint 'em, cus it's too easy here
  15. more summer stom http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom16.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom17.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom18.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom19.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom20.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom21.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/kgm01.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/kgm02.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/kgm03.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/kgm04.jpg'> http://e2e.xpl
  16. Summer 2003 Stom special http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom01.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom02.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom06.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom07.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom08.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom09.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom10.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom11.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom12.jpg'> http://e2e.xploit.ru/Moscow_commuters/stom13.jpg'> ht
  17. ah and then they shot us with ak47 ps what it was about, when someone from moa crew at they video #1 was dancing like russian soldier?? -)
  18. they make us drink vodka, then dance with a bear near Kremlin and listen to balalayka
  19. i think, that Tron is the best in Italy
  20. All from cityfox now some kgm crew stuff: Give Give mou3 Snek Stom Stom Stom Stom 3kax 3kax Kgm Kgm some uck crew pieces
  21. pls post mc'donalds anels again, cuz now they look like XXXX
  22. looks lke sdk were neber really active on subway right?
  23. Dumbo! Thek! are they still active?
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