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  1. trying to get some feedback (and some hits) on my artistic abilitah, so my newest musical venture is Le Intelligentsia feedback, critiques and props are all welcome :idea:
  2. control


    if you don't know about www.tubgirl.com , then you ain't livin'...this is seriously the most completely fucked-up thing i have seen in my entire life. Those of you with faint stomachs, don't go there.
  3. myself, i use acid, soundforge, fruity loops, and rebirth-but all i want is a g4 (the only time a laptop is as good as a desktop-the only difference is storage space, but that's why they make ZIP drives) protools is an awesome program, but you need the hardware to take advantage of it, otherwise you might as well be using CuBase or SoundForge (both good progs in their own right), and the full (hard & soft) for protools will cost you close to $10,000, minimum. as far as other equipment, put the money into a VERY good soundcard that has I/O with RCA or 1/4"... oh yeah, and do your homework-go to Borders or Barnes & Noble (you get the idea) and read music mags that talk about that kind of thing, read books...blah...blah...blah....
  4. so i finally got around to downloading photoshop about a week ago, got it installed the same day, and have sat for the last week trying to figure out how to do anything...to no avail. as a last desperate measure, i went to barnes & nobles and sat there for about 5 hours learning how to use photoshop (if you've never used it, and you're laughing at me-get the program, and you'll see) BUT NOW, I CAN USE PHOTOSHOP! I am blown the fuck away by this program...ohmigod...photoshop is way too cool...just wanted to let everyone know that :crazy:
  5. my two (hopefully helpful) bits funny, cute music your girl will like: anything by Wally Pleasant (especially "teenage republican" For the Head-bobbin' long distance drive (this is what i use): any dubs (they all have dub in the title, and you can't go wrong w/ any of it) from sly & robbie, lee perry, prince far I, king tubby, etc... aceyalone's "deepandwide"-one of the best hip-hop tracks ever "mexican radio" by Wall of Voodoo-if you liked the 80's, you'll love this song "pusherman" by Curtis Mayfield-if you disregard everything else i've said, GET THIS SONG!!!! you will thank me :king:
  6. goat cheese, roasted garlic, and roasted red peppers....YUM!!!! or New Mexico Green Chile w/ Pineapple... I'm a veggie-eater, so i can't comment on the meats....
  7. bump...giger rocks...i was gonna post some of his sexual ones (talk about wierd shit-double penetrations and a weird landscape, all in the same picture!) but i couldn't find any online....oh well
  8. it's also on the deff juxx presents vol. 2 :idea:
  9. control


    bumbaclaat! don't hate people just cause we're white and we enjoy the reggae music-i like it b/c much of it is about struggling (and as a poor-ass cracker, i'm feelin' that)-but enough negativity reggae: augustus pablo (bump!) james booms lee 'scratch' perry gregory isaacs (play "night nurse" for your girl-then, enjoy!) dub: lee 'scratch' perry & the upsetters sly & robbie king tubby PRINCE FAR I (you've gotta hear this mofo to believe) dancehall: buju banton yellowman tiger cutty ranks beenieman i could go on, but i'm not gonna :)
  10. it's all about the fat tire, or the authentic patron silver coin (but you can only get good ones @ maria's in santa fe, new mexico)
  11. fixed... mibad-it's all better now, i'm still working on getting the scans to post instead of the links, but hey...patience ***all fixed now...enjoy (or not)
  12. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400137638_001P.jpg'> kinda got stuck on this one...i think i'm gonna try to run it as a ribbon, but keep gettin lost on letter forms vs. aesthetics....tell me what you think about the color scheme. it's a 'd', by the way....yeah, yeah, i know, letter form, it looks better in context :) http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400137638_002P.jpg'> and this one, i came up with about two days ago, but i'm kinda lost as far as background-i wanna keep it a very dark, evil looking thing, so....oh, and i'll probably put on a white drop shadow underneath it.. ps-if i'm biting anyone's style, i apologize, it's not intentional-these were my own ideas (as far as i know, anyway), and i personally try to avoid looking at too much graff (other than my own) for inspirational ideas-anyway, kids-thanks for your feedback-as long as it wasn't one of those idiotic "shut up, you fuckin toy" pps-sorry bout linking these, but i'm in a hurry to go drink beers-i'll fix it tomorrow:crazy:
  13. i thought it said ADR at first...work on your letter forms
  14. heavy shit for 12oz my belief is that while human evolution has remained basically stagnant due to natural selection and over-population (ex: any beneficial traits will be lost in the shuffle of so many people; ex: whereas a mentally deficient or physically handicapped person wouldn't have been able to replicate in the past, society has made them able to reproduce {not that they couldn't fuck before, but it was unlikely that they would have a chance to breed} they can now pursue more-or-less normal lives due to increases in the avaliability of medicines and support systems {family, social workers, etc...}thus allowing them to breed more often-slowing the evolution of mankind even further, if not regressing) the rapid upward trend of technological evolution has put mankind in a serious conundrum-how do we cope with too much knowledge? We now possess drugs to "fix" almost any mental or physical problem-extending our lifespans and "increasing" our standard of living seems to be a large goal of science currently. But the problem remains that our bodies have not evolved-basically, we are the same creature that walked the earth 100,000 years ago. Before you insist that can't be correct, our bodies haven't changed-only our method of instilling knowledge, or the gerrymandering that passes for science in most cases. Ever notice that 65% of america is considered obese? this isn't because we eat too much, or because we eat the wrong foods, but because of the fact that our bodies have not changed (evolved) enough to handle the unhealthy products we force upon it. that's about enough for now-my brain is hurting from too much thinking about this...i mean, come on people-this is 12oz prophet-NOT philosophy 202. but i did enjoy it :idea:
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