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  1. Re: Re: Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow... you wouldnt believe it if a one legged cambodian with a religious background told you!
  2. the combonation of the two creates some very interesting ramblings about how your mind wanders through perils of bordom! f: i swim in the nude f: thought you know f: knew g: Ummm....that is very gross man f: you should try it , its very liberating g: Ibet g: What if you put mini suction g: Cups on your nipples g: So they won't get wet g: I might invent some shit likr that f: i like f: very interesting f: and you can make them out of teflon for less drag f: but ultra protection g: Ill call it "you nipples suck" g: Your nipples suck g: Haha f: haha g:
  3. can! shit was not good at all.... peep these guys instead! www.elemnop.com
  4. im trippin that his bail was only $65 , last two times ive been hemped was $3000 and $20000. shit if it was only $65 i would have paid that shit myself.
  5. i dont know if there has already been a thread on this, but does anyone else besides me notice the strange yet interesting (sometimes) images he/she contributes to threads... I mean i know i rarely ever contribute to this board and what he puts up doesnt really bother me , im just confused by what some (most) of it means. and i also notice theres almost never a comment after his posts about his posts... Im confused , please tell me if i am the only one? or maybe , if you'd like mr. Kr430n5_666 would like to shed some light on the matter i would sleep a little easier at nite.
  6. parkin aint no joke. shit just park by one of the muni stops out near sfstate and take muni into the city. or bus it , bart works to but can be pricey.
  7. i got something that i like to eat when i got the time ... it takes a few hours to cook but its simple...you cant really fuck it up, only if your impatient. take a pound or 2 of chuck roast. chop an onion , jalepeno , and some garlic up. line a pot with enough foil to wrap around the ingredients then place the meat and veggies into the foil. befor you seal it up add some salt and pepper, hot sauce, and a little honey (or sugar). seal it up in the foil nice and tight so all the steam and juices stay inside. make sure your oven is preheated to 300 degrees and put it in there for abo
  8. this is just one example of the foolishness on this thread...you toys need to show some decencey and stop name droppin, info droppin, spot droppin before that shit affects us real writers.... and for the record eruptoe lives in montana with girfriend and two kids, he's been there for the last two years...
  9. roboshmobo... i dont like the tone of your jib. just for the record it is very real. i saw it in person! it was memorial to him. argue now! disrespecting the dead...hellfire will burn you and brimstone will rain upon your head...bitch! rip TIE:king:
  10. sit at the bar in an area with empty bottles or close to empty, wait for the bar hand to come around and clean the bottles off the bar. then casually turn around and say to him "did you take that beer that was there" to which he will respond "yeah" proceed to tell him you were still drinking it and 9 times out of ten they will give you a new one! worked for me many a time. not really a come up but it gets you a few free beers here and there. try it i guarantee you wont be disappointed.
  11. peep Flax , south market . if i remember right they had some decent stuff. and alot of other shit too!
  12. Fuck the haters! Fatso=sick,creative,original,fresh,uncola. The guy has put in so much work and there arent many that can flip styles like he can. in book cool guy ill styles. rock on!
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