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  1. hey everyone..i recently got a whole roll of 8" x 8" stickers...if anyone would like a few hit me up at vause_2001@hotmail.com
  2. Re: Strictly Burners on Canvas that is ridiculous :eek:
  3. ciste: ok then......email me the price of either the one with the little devil guy and the goat one.....thanks colorfill!hotmail.com pz
  4. i like your stuff just for the fact its interesting to look at....like in your other thread too...and its good that u like drawing and dont do it just to do it..keep it up....pz man
  5. those are ridiculously good....:eek: if your gonna sell any of them ciste lemme know forreal! colorfill@hotmail.com
  6. IZZE: well if you were to do a canvas how much would it run around...cuz id really like to have one...oh and how much are ur posters runnin? thanks and that last one u posted is sick :eek:
  7. yowzas.....do you have any ur willing to sell izze??
  8. thanks skinny.... and yes cherrrry
  9. as a graphic designer i must say joker and beardo you guys have some amazing talent....if i wasnt so broke right now due to just finishing up college i wouldnt hesitate to purchase work from either of you....astism your work is some of my favorite also....but as for canvases you guys really turn them into art...if i run into some money ill be giving you guys an email if you dont mind on purchasing a couple of those....thanks
  10. BAD ur characters are ill....i like the one you did i think where the dude is creepin up behind the dude bitin his head .... anyways i got quite a few stickers i already have done so if ur down to trade a few thatd be tyte....my scanner just broke so i cant post them but if you just look in the character thread and do a mods name thread i have some work posted in them.....or if you wanna IM me my sn is highfoniks or yourdadthealien and i can just send u some of it.......pz
  11. hey bam why dont you doodle another one up real fast of her naked
  12. hey dork on that first one what body part is that on
  13. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid66/p035a0eaaf5d693aab7dc21e1a151f07e/fbe097bd.jpg'>
  14. my scanner is broken so anyone who can scan and post images hit me up and ill send you some stickers if youll post them up for me....thanks and peas
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