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  1. Having a girlfriend isnt all that its cracked up to be, especially when she doesnt put out much and i could be fuckin 2 other chicks but don't wanna cheat on her,
  2. a buddy of mine used to rock sinep, haha it was hilarious
  3. woodcrafts should work..... they do for me
  4. find it yourself if your gunna use it, o rjust don't use it at all.....
  5. Hmmm, after reading through this thread i've developed a trong hate towards kittens and cats alike, i'm intrigued and wish to subscribe to your magazine...
  6. .R.

    =R=E=M=Y= =S=H=A=N=D=

    i hate his music, it's alright but i hate it
  7. i thought my idiocy was pretty funny there...i'm retarded
  8. yea dude i was totally befuddled on that one:lol: i gotta get with it...
  9. she looks like more of a heroin user than a crackhead...:D
  10. yea my only knife story is when i was little, i was playing with a knife when i was like 5 and i was stabbing carpet or soem shit, stabbed right through my foor with a butcher type knife lot of blood
  11. Dudes on fire never seen or heard of him til now, looks pretty fuckin flameing
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