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  1. Heres a few more actually... www.fukjburke.com lots of fr8s www.wetpaint.cjb.net graff from miami www.vandalized.cjb.net miami graffiti gallery www.upwarddrip.com miami/atlanta www.trmiami.cjb.net august 26 www.openzine.com got a few miami flix
  2. the first 2 pics are the best. the 7th,8th,and 9th pics are good too.. Bump for Theme!!!
  3. HipHop

  4. HipHop

  5. HipHop


    to:tt-boy - it says BASHER and WH. I got a couple more flicks ive found on my hard-drive that i want to get rid of..Lets start off with Sever.. :king:'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>
  6. some flix from ATL, Miami, and others I had lying around my hard-drive...'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>
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