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Kill Whitey

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  1. man that malaysian guy aint gay. People not native to britain, who grew up there tend to be dat way. They're just friendly and act upbeat like that. As for the dinner thing, two dudes goin out for dinner isnt considered gay outside of the U.S.
  2. holy shit, this girl is scary lookin! Is she having breathing problems or somethin!? her face is blue! ahahhahahaa and wheres her nose! ahhahahahaa, seriously that bitch is scaring the hell out of me!
  3. be violent with em. kids like that
  4. yo son, let me give you some advice 1) If you don't know the bitch don't tell her you have shit! <-That go's without saying! 2) Always put your Gangsta face on, if you dont have one, use the gotta take a big ass shit face, its just as good. 3) If there are two or more shady characters, hint to them that you are strapped. Be like: "Oh yall wanna see my shit huh? Aiight nigga, hold on its right here near my gat." They'll be, "oh shit dude, you are strapped?" 4) Make em think you are one crazy ass mother fucker: "Awww yeah pimpin, i never go nowhere without my lucky gat." Start twitchin, "matter o fact, i smoked three niggas last week," And man since you white, just start throwin the word nigga out. Be like, "yo nigga this, nigga that," they'll be scared then a mother, then just crip walk away. And if they look nervous or something, don't be afraid to stare a nigga down, a good stare can do wonders.
  5. theres nothing worse than a strange faggot
  6. Kill Whitey


  7. that fella who turned into a cassete player...or some shit
  8. http://www.elevashuns.com/boobie.jpg'> ahahahhahahahaa does anyone else wanna slap the hell out this bitch?! hahaha what a gay ass smile, stupid sandra bullock lookin bitch! Id feel sorry for myself for even talking to this stupid hoe! what a stupid looking bitch! ahahhaahhahahahhaaa she looks like highlander ahahhahahaa, that nigga in renegade ahhahahahaa.
  9. figures youd like the gay shit
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