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  1. -Fifteen -His Hero is Gone -The Mob (from the UK) -Amebix -Conflict -Antischism
  2. Re: this post is pointless but oh well..... A little paranoid? I doubt you have any idea where Im talking about anyway. If i were a cop I wouldnt care, Id already know where they had sensors, so I wouldnt need to ask would I? I dont frequent the big yards at the south end of the corridor, and Im assuming theyd just set that stuff up at yards near ports, but if it were at the more inland UP yard then it might mean that they have it at UP yards in other towns. It was an honest question, but if he doesnt want to say then its nobody's business but his.
  3. Thats crazy. Was this at the UP East LA yard or where?
  4. Thats crazy. Was this at the UP East LA yard or where?
  5. Yea, silk screening is your best bet. You can get a basic kit for around $40 at a good art store. Its basically a mesh screen that fits into a frame and you cover it with this goo called emulsion then put a transparncy of your design on it, leave it in he light, wash out the design parts, and then you put it over the shirt and run paint over it. Its realy not too hard to setup. It can be a pain in the ass to do multicolor designs though unless they are really simple.
  6. If you guys liked that movie theres a cool book called: The Tunnel by Margaret Morton Its basically a photo documentary and interviews of some folks living in a defunct tunnel in NYC back in the mid 90's. Its really simple and powerfull no soundtrack though. I found it at the library, its worth checking out if that stuff interests you. Some cool black and white photo and some shots of murals down in the tunnel. In fact now that i think about it it might be about the same people/place. i read it a couple years back.
  7. Im curious how exactly the deadmaning works Kabar? Where exactly do you wedge it to get it to stay. Ive climbed around on gondolas before but never found an open boxcar.
  8. Deadboy

    LA MTA bombing

    Yeah I heard it was GM and the tire companies that did it in. Supposedly back in the 30s LA had more miles of light rail than any city on earth. They tore it up to make a buck at the publics expense I always wonder what downtown musta been like back then, when there was actually places to frequent down there and pedestrain friendly. Yeah that City of Quartz book is fascinating.
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