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  1. sorries it was the end of the roll i took a couple others that didnt come out. yea im lame so what. and i forgot to say that that juice car is in up in va.
  2. ...skiney leg dead 4 months after surgery on my broken femur im walkin again. maybe get up some soon. heres some shots rollin thru georgia.
  3. photobucket.com is a nice little server. or whatnot.
  4. pants

    p**sy lick it!

    sorry im not serious. and enjoy the stupid stuff in life. im sure yall have to comb your mustaches and enjoy your 9-5 or something. back the fuck off. i enjoy all aspects of freight grafetti not just the oh shit look at that nice perty piece thats just perfect. :D peace.
  5. anyone ever seen this? everytime im in pensacola me and my friends watch trains on the sunset route from her house or walk up to them and weve seen this numerous times. for a while it was going by everyday on a local it seemed. but last time i was there was watchin a westbound junk and talkin to my friend about pussy lick it and within 5 cars there it was. sorry to waste yalls time. if anyone randomly has a flix. haha.
  6. pants


    lets see monikers and hobo/tramp grafetti this is a silly late nite sidewalkin.
  7. so i spent a while in bloomington like always and when i was there a friend spoted the whole pumpkin patch scene from the peanuts halloween special on a boxcar but i never saw it....anyone know about this or have a flix of it?? just curious......
  8. pants

    oh canada

    mabye you can see it this way? got this pic while ridin towards mexico. this was in the birmingham, alabama http://www.angelfire.com/punk/mitwir/trains/flix.jpg'>
  9. be careful and respectful when talking to workers....dont ask to much and dont be stupid. remember they are there working and sometimes might not have all the time you need from them get what you can out of them but be frank. old timers are the best most of them understand the history of ridin and can give you all kinds of info. its best not to apporach with a pack on or if you live in the area check out the yard a couple days before leaving for info and find out of there are any daily trains that leave everyday from the same spot or come thru. trains are confusin but sometimes you gotta faith
  10. pants

    the truth

    img src="http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/reststop/old/truth.jpg"
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