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  1. hah hahahaha sect, dont be so angry. less is more.......
  2. damn some nice lookin sketches heerre... ill get my scanner goin and post some isht. props to morg and the rest of fym/nsh.
  3. piiimp nice job fymonsters... keepin old school chicago alive with all the bullshit that goes down... keep it up! sry i dont got shit to add....
  4. hey hey.. whast that last flick... ive been riding the train fro four years and never figured out who painted that shit... its right b/w chicago and sedgwick.. peace
  5. chicago graf bump... brown lines dying but we gotta figure that shit out. evoke... you were snappin all summer and that was dope.. always nice seein your shit. it was funny seein this drug shit that was ridin of i think adams downtown... he painted it before they tore down the wall and its like up there all unbuffable.. haha. this whole crew production rode for one afternoon downtown.... shit like that is wrong. fuck em.... keep it up chicago
  6. sect yo sect.. i go to school with honki, evoke and all those kids... email me, twodeco@hotmail.com
  7. evoke i went to school with him... last thing i knew is that hes throwin up fb and fym. ive never seen an evoke nsh anywheres.
  8. ^^ second that shit festo... the line fuckin sucks now. i remember the good ol days when i woudl ride the train and jump in back to peep out the new graf of the day.. then check the same pieces out for like a month.. now i take the train and have to keep moving my head chekin for new shit since itll be gone the next day... why didnt i start painting when i was fuckin three years old... before the buff and all this other shit that gives us a bad rep...
  9. northside like lincoln park northside... cops are everywhere but go further and there are not too many... its people when you do rooftops you gotta check for
  10. ? :o i have no emotion for this.... none at all laws should be made against these people being within eyesight of spraypaint... maybe even pens and pencils
  11. evoke and comie... what was that with evoke and comie.. i have no clue what thats about
  12. bump..... is all thsi shit in rockford and how long was this done
  13. people alright... 30 years ago there were like 10 writers. now the list of writers is so big it would be hard for them to keep up with who stops.. whos starting etc... i think there will be too many people to keep record of and its all go nuts.... maybe im just optimistic :confused: morning thoughts......
  14. you fuckin hit the nail right on the head robocop... i wish i knew some better writers but i still keep goin
  15. northside i totally agree with you robocop.. there are so many wack northside writers thats you have to look for the better ones... ill paint a chill spot and the next day some kid, probably in the 7th grade trying to paint so he can show his bestfriend goes right over that. its not cool but whats even worse are these kids who start, then stop after they realize they are not as good as other people. ive only been writing for a little over a year and ive gotten a whole lot better but not as good as i want to be. northside graf is there, and theres some good writers snapping but there are too many kids trying to be bigshots with no idea of what the deal is
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