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  1. lots of guards guns and dogs. You can still get over though.
  2. what does skert have anythign to do with a adek thread???there int he same crew but not the same person. duh
  3. i looked at it 2 times and thught it was AWE. now i see though. Guess someone needs to hit the books.
  4. Are you a homosexual? jesus.
  5. could sufer have bitten setups throwup any harder???jesus!
  6. skipping the bar seems like a major cop out to me.
  7. is that that photographers book from ny????That young gay kid i forget his name....or is it the older dude, who always shoots shit for vice and stuff???im actualyl interested to know th ename of the book cause id liek to take a look at it...thanks..
  8. restO dont ever forget the O my friend in texas writes rest.
  9. Wow, thats something to be proud of.haha , And your on here worying about graffiti, just turn yourself in. You can't run fromt he law forever sunny.
  10. i wasent talking about the picture, i was talkign about what he said. why wouldent you do a piece or a block letter on a train?
  11. Re: the e is free what is this kid talking about?hahah Dam rhode islanders.
  12. Not to start shit, but where is the influence coming from?
  13. Re: ri is stupid and then some one ran??im not getting this rhode islands shit, and yes the new penthouse is a good one.
  14. hitting some one with a bottle???????
  15. i believe the 5 point would be for toys who are afraid to actually do shit on the streets, kind of liek the fun factory.
  16. i hope your not directing that towards me.by the way "sertanly" is spelled with a c... and "peopel" i dont know how to spell that one hmm..damn i shoulda paid attention i type fast sorry..... i was saying that from an outside4rs view and seeing both of your work wich i mite ad is very diffrent...they are spellerd tUrn and tErn...thats all i was saying..and honestly i dont care about you or your beef or anyone else in rhode island.
  17. Re: Destroying Big Metal wow.,..some one catching hurt feelign about some shit on the internet. Sorry u took what i said so seriosly.hai wasent saying ake was any worse than seaz or resto nor saying they were any better i was mearly making a coment about the stupid lines they all do in there 3d.and isent turn and tern.they sertanly are spelled diffrent. peopel need to pay atention in school.
  18. hey dont be pissed. I visited ri last year and now i see this. It just looks liek a lot f peopel are dooing the same shit they were last year. No nead to get bent out of shape
  19. dang, I remember the last time i came to providence the only people dooing those lines in the 3d were seaz and resto,,now i see ake,use amoung any others,it looks to me like every one jumped on the bandwagon.
  20. quasar


    This man def. deserves his own thread. Puts in a ton of work in the ny jersy area.....
  21. hahahah i was jsut gona fuckign say...what the fuckk..why even say its in a tunnel when we all know its in the basement of a fucking building...legal egal shit....hahahhaha.mta tunnel my ass.
  22. Q some one post this rime skrew roof i keep hearing about dammet...i wana see this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. some one clear this up....i have bean told by more than one person that drae folded under presure and snitched.....hmmmmm
  24. wow...... Thats all I can say. Take it how you want.
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