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  1. lots of guards guns and dogs. You can still get over though.
  2. what does skert have anythign to do with a adek thread???there int he same crew but not the same person. duh
  3. i looked at it 2 times and thught it was AWE. now i see though. Guess someone needs to hit the books.
  4. Are you a homosexual? jesus.
  5. could sufer have bitten setups throwup any harder???jesus!
  6. skipping the bar seems like a major cop out to me.
  7. is that that photographers book from ny????That young gay kid i forget his name....or is it the older dude, who always shoots shit for vice and stuff???im actualyl interested to know th ename of the book cause id liek to take a look at it...thanks..
  8. restO dont ever forget the O my friend in texas writes rest.
  9. Wow, thats something to be proud of.haha , And your on here worying about graffiti, just turn yourself in. You can't run fromt he law forever sunny.
  10. i wasent talking about the picture, i was talkign about what he said. why wouldent you do a piece or a block letter on a train?
  11. Re: the e is free what is this kid talking about?hahah Dam rhode islanders.
  12. Not to start shit, but where is the influence coming from?
  13. Re: ri is stupid and then some one ran??im not getting this rhode islands shit, and yes the new penthouse is a good one.
  14. hitting some one with a bottle???????
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