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  1. @fatalistat this player haters ball? Someone's gonna say some shit eventually haha
  2. Aaawwww shit I remember all this! Glad you're doing better homie.
  3. Looks super dope. Wish I could reach out to more people but I've been off the radar on social media way too long.
  4. Yo @misteravenI need super mod status, this board is outta control.
  5. God speed all yall wild folks in my boat. Do some shrooms helped it helped me cut back. Find some peace in nature. Buy bottled water and slam em.
  6. @Magnum OPisscoming in with some style not bad on cleaning those racks up. I fucking love lamb.
  7. Yo I love this! My wife is excited too she remembers how much this place meant to me. Fuck social media fuck fake influencers all that. We just gotta make our home a little more cozy with some homies hah. You knooooow I'm grabbing that shirt. Oontz Forever
  8. Holy bystander effect it took like 3 mins before someone got down with that dude. I'd have thought disney security would be on point but is guess that's the difference between there and FL lol.
  9. This has to be old totinos pizzas are square now haha
  10. @misteravenIts def @-sudz-and I told him the forums are popping again and chatted a bit. He might need some help getting his account in order. I'll reach out again if he doesnt. He was stoked to hear about it though.
  11. @fat ralphylooks good bro! Colby jack on the burgers? Those chips are legit I can tell and that's from someone who gets served chips, salsa, and water as a standard here haha. Guac needs more lime it'll taste good and keep it from oxidizing. @Fist 666those dudes are metal as hell. Make like some sort of awesome death metal diorama and temporarily trap one of those beasts. I made klobasnek today some people here will recognize them as kolaches and everyone else, grown up pigs in a blanket. Homemade trice risen dough, smoke kiolbassa sausage and sharp cheddar. I do a lot of cooking now. I've been thinking of starting a recipe thread.
  12. awwwwww shit! poat again so I can like it again. You're the one to bring everyone back Neo.
  13. Blackened shrimp tacos with mango cucumber serrano slaw and avocado crema. Anyone need a personal chef?
  14. i hit em up if its tease he will know who i am lol
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