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  1. ...if those pictures were taken by seeking, you'd all be wetting your pants right now. matthewthirteen.
  2. You've handled my ass pennies. I saw the young guy from UCB doin standup for free a while back...wasn't too funny though...but i got a lot of cool UCB stickers. matthewthirteen.
  3. early sole stuff, dear el p, three men in a bar. stay away from cloud dead and all that experimental nonsense. I'd list more, but i lost most of my early anticon records... matthewrockandrollthirteen.
  4. killing time before work... http://www.fototime.com/EB74C6C7E913879/orig.jpg'> matthewthirteen.
  5. It's worth one viewing. The man was on an intern on pee wee's playhouse and animated the coolest part on Beavis and Buthead do america. hes gotta have pretty good taste. matthewthirteen,
  6. graffitti is immature. grow up. matthewthirteen.
  7. As Emenim once so eloquently put it, "There's three things i hate, Girls, Women and Bitches." That's why I got a woman I can trust completely, I'm done fuckin' w/ girls that act like their still in high school. matthewthirteen.
  8. You've never been to a truck stop have you? But I agree, fuck all that starbucks bullshit. Diner and Gas station coffee all the way, black as mother africa's soil. matthewthirteen.
  9. Na, So Cal. The Drawing part I got down,but i'm a little behind in the computer game. Due to my recent empoloyment however, I realised that i'm gonna need more Comp. skills, so I just started teaching myself adobe photoshop. I'm gonna take some classes on it illustration wise next semester as well. Maybe by next January I'll start sendin' those bitches out :) Thanks for the info. matthewthirteen.
  10. Suki- How did you find out when a company was looking to use some art? I do illustration, and that's what i'm trying to do...maybe get some magazine publishings or somethin' to buff up that portfolio. matthewthirteen.
  11. Nomaq. Please do some new shit. I am tired of seeing the same pictures in every thread slightly modified. thank you. matthewthirteen.
  12. sounds to me like your claim to fame is the fact that your not white. Maybe you surround yourself with white people because it makes you feel better about yourself...think about it. matthewthirteen.
  13. Graphic Design Majors... ...are a dime a dozen. Im not a GD major, but mostly all the guys i work w/ are...very competive field... matthewthirteen.
  14. siloette...you don't like drawing hands do you? not an insult, just and observation...nice stuff...I like the snake one and the roses in the hair. matthewthirteen.
  15. Ghetto Dope and Time to Check My Crackhouse Master P matthewthirteen.
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