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  1. Why they went over it with fill-ins and there has not been one time i've been in the train yard and not seen something from KOS
  2. Everybody claiming albany has no ups what so ever what rocks did you climb out from under....
  3. Nah man thats lord ezec dms crew
  4. Dave


    who does the fill ins with that little mexican for his first letter i seen them in that alley i like those...
  5. Dave

    big cows

    For a post with so few pictures it is real funnie
  6. not feeling any of the newer stuff at all nothing seemed finished but i guess it is going down again this feb so hopefuly shit will be good
  7. Love that style .....why the fuck is Screw so damn ill...Oh yeah he keeps it simple
  8. Dave


    nice freights keep up the good work
  9. if you are refering to the fill ins thats goal rth from statan island...
  10. Bump for the hot new nike dunk sb's
  11. Dave


    Either that or mad young
  12. Dave


    Damn atleast someone understood thanks post that flick Vyels is ill
  13. Damn Nice to many favorites
  14. Dave


    we are haveing some miscommunication problems here wanna know about the writing on the wall not the person thanks
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