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    well, i was hauling around on a 1971 peugeot uo-8, but today i picked this up... it looks exactly like this, minus the pump and the bottle. i don't know if it has 100miles on it, but it sure as hell will when i'm done with her... hi-oh! but seriously folks, when i brought her home my roommate asked me if it was brand new. it's that clean. yeah.
  2. i have to break my long standing silence for this subject matter... every american (and those non-citizens fighting for america) who have died in every war has died so you can have the freedom to vote. whether or not the fight was a good one, they were fighting to uphold the values that are america. if you are eligable to vote and you choose not to vote, your choice is essentially a vote for enslavement. just a refresher: slaves have no rights. they are objectafied human beings whose sole purpose is to do whatever they are told. do you like to do whatever you are told? even if you don't agree with it? if so, then don't vote. it's your choice. non voters are cowards that don't have the courage to stand up for what they believe in. or perhaps they just don't believe in anything. either way, not voting is simply pathetic. z.
  3. i saw the bugatti when i was in berlin, and the thing is fucking rad... it is tuff fer sher. however, if i was filthy rich and could affort such an automobile... i would rather rock the mclaren.
  4. dude, you know what word i use way too often? dude
  5. he winks... http://www.tapatiohotsauce.com/images/winkinglogo.gif'>
  6. zorak

    worst car ever

    tell me this thing doesn't record your every move, picture, song and so forth. go ahead, tell me! this place is getting crazy.
  7. rep the san diego steez b... http://fox.imageg.net/@v=0255@/graphics/product_images/p795705reg.jpg'> http://www.fogdog.com/graphics/product_images/p823276dt.jpg'> yuh!
  8. one more thing... that jazzy jeff gif is the best ever. later.
  9. dude... the sundays? you guys are fags... face! :p greetings from berlin bitches. im out.
  10. greetings from madrid motherbitches! i don't know if anyone has noticed my absence lately, but i've been doing the european adventure thing for a few weeks now... well, the adventure has yet to begin... but i have been taking an intensive spanish language class here in madrid for the last three weeks. this is my last week and then i'm off... first to barcelona to get out of this god awful heat and to visit a beach (finally); then to the montreux jazz festival to see mogwai; followed by prague, vienna, germany, amsterdam and parts unknown. what can i say about madrid... it's hot as fuck, consisantly in the 38-42c range, which for those of you back home means well over 100f. the women are fine as hell, but uber traditional... so no spanish loving for zorak. the graff scene is in my personal opinion run by a cat named chusky... motherfucker is up everywhere and has mad style to boot. when i get back home i'll post what i consider to be his best piece that i have witnessed... shit is off the hook. yeah. otherwise it's nice to see that the 12oz is still on it's steady decline. i mean what the fuck is wrong with you fucks? oh boy, another tattoo thread! weak sauce. yeah... i doubt i'll have time to check out this sight for a while, so to all the og's that are keeping this place alive: stay up... this includes, but is not limited to... ese, kabar, browner, Kr430n5_666, smart, beardo, seeking, willy.wonka, etc.
  11. bitch... WELCOME TO HELL
  12. i know you're not talking shit on quattro. quattro = torsen differential: proactive system. differental anticipates wheel slip. subaru = viscous coupling differential lock: reactive system. wheel must slip before differential reacts. quattro is more like true all wheel drive; 25% power delivered to all wheels at all times during normal driving conditions. different generations of quattro have different torque splits. http://www.karquattro.com/Coupes/0212/0212b-small.JPG'> http://www.karquattro.com/Coupes/0212/0212c-small.JPG'> my brother's 1990 audi quattro coupe has 40:60 or 35:65 front:rear (i can't remember specifically right now). the newest generation has 50:50. the reason the car is a hog on wheels is that audi uses high quality (heavy) first generation german steel as well as other heavy high quality interior parts. subaru uses japanese steel (lighter weight recycled steel) and their cheezy interiors are cheap, light weight plastics. subaru makes a great car, especially for the price... but the audi is far superior in almost every aspect.
  13. and by sunday morning i mean sunday afternoon.
  14. when i first looked upon this thread i thought "who the fuck cares what seeking thinks?"... but now it's sunday morning, and i have nothing better to do than bump this shit back to the top. fuck.
  15. if you're looking at jettas, you should check out jetta wagens. i'm pretty sure they put the 1.8t in the bitches. imagine how pimp a kitted wagen would be, and shit... nobody ever suspects the wagen. i don't know... maybe i'm biased. wagens are just so sleeper. i'd rock an s4 wagen over a sedan any day of the week, and a rs2 or rs4 would be killer bitchin' too (too bad we didn't get them in the us). http://www.caradisiac.com/media/images/le_mag/mag54/dossier_tete.jpg'> http://www.audiworld.com/news/99/iaa/rs4/pix/rs41.jpg'>
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