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  1. gotta at least gives props to the dude for the spot though.
  2. what a dumb bitch. "Bizarre English graffiti... do they even know what that means?" she's trying too hard to make sense of something that doesn't need making sense of.
  3. I think he was counting on "biggest" considering he said "13 ft stompers". whatever, I don't think it belongs in this thread anyway.
  4. Jump off a fucking bridge please. Quoted post [/b] ^^ what he said. kid's more clown than his SN.
  5. funny, but I think those are E-TARDS, not REtards. what you know about some raves.
  6. haha! ok now let the thread die. I swear this thread is like a 3 year old used tampon that some dumb fuck decided to keep.
  7. that's probably the biggest god damn throwup I've ever seen. nice.
  8. why was this thread brought back to life? who in their right mind... there's already a fucking thread for this shit,
  9. just look at his screen name, it just screams "intellectual".
  10. always been a fan of Berlin graff. props to those crazy Germans.
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