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  1. Lets see how long I've had this account.
  2. krayons is too good at quake 2 to be a girl
  3. When hungry howie's starts this online order scheme I'll be a fan of getting my garlic crust pizza without having to talk to anyone.
  4. Re: What's your favorite gun? That's what she said. :eek:
  5. Cunt wins, but no love for twat? Or, as my lovely Finnish grandmother would say, vittu!
  6. If by jobs you mean fat bitches then yeah.
  7. You should ask him if he's "chill" and if he would "be down to chill" because he is a "chill dude". Then let the bro rape commence!
  8. Just get a Saiga-12 man. Built off the AK body, hardly any recoil, cheaper to buy, and 10 round mags are starting to become available.
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