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  1. Re: page of scribbles .... thats some pretty sweet shit
  2. i like that second one
  3. never seen pulp fiction so i dont get it:cool:
  4. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" yea my teacher said that in class one time, its a fuckin good saying.and rip, shut the fuck up
  5. that is the sweetest thing i have seen in quitre some time:D, where did u find that
  6. oh my oh my, you are either fucking dumb or trying to make a gay joke,i, to refuse to acknowlegde you as canadian,alberta is a province, some americans even know that. kids these days *shakes head*
  7. stickey threads are what exacatly?:confused:
  8. someone alwasy seems to find ways ruin all the good threads:mad: :lol:
  9. quite the chuckle, quite the chuckle indeed:lol: :lol:
  10. http://www.barbados.org/species/monkeys.jpg'> think they fuck?
  11. i think i consider myself fairly underated, but thats alrite because that lets me pretend im sly cause noone knows me:D :cool:
  12. you guys have started school already:eek: ouch, we start tommorow:cool:
  13. as do i my friend, as do i, its actually really quite sweet:crazy:
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