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  1. my b-day is on nov. 23. every 4 years my b-day is on thanksgiving. last b-day was the best. my uncle and his freinds have like 6 dune buggies, 8 quads and a couple of 2wheelers. we went out to the glamas dunes. that shit was sick. has anyone ever done about 110mph on a dune buggie while the buzz from drinking too much kicks in. i have. lucky me. about the cakes, i like the baskin robbins ice cream cake. chocolate with mint chocolte chip. its the best..............
  2. that greedy motherfucker wanted $20 million to star in the second installment. so he's not going to be in the film,,,,,,,
  3. yeah, but everybody hated on the movie. that shit had nothing to do with real street racing. that movie sucks............
  4. yo guys, you have to check out this site www.importthugs.com and check out their forums. everything about cars, not just imports there are some domestic guys on the site. help out the forum when you're not logged on to 12oz. oh yeah, no haters wanted.....thanks
  5. i know they tried to make the movie as close to the so. cal street racing scene as possible, but it's hollywood. they just said that to get you and granny to watch the movie. if you've watched the short film "the last race", which is about real street racing, you know that shit is boring. theres no action. "fast and the furious" isn't that bad of a movie if your just watching like any other movie, instead of comparing it to the real life shit. oh and by the way i drive a "riced-out" civic and i'm not asian............
  6. Grafn4Fame


    post what kind of car you own....pics would be better i currently have a '94 honda civic w/ b18c5 engine......no mods yet b/c i ran out of money
  7. sorry i spent the last 15 min. looking for something close to what you described and couldn't find shit. i found one site that had all of her work. the only on close to grey day is the first one^^^^thats already posted. i think you might have gotten some names mixed up.
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ^^^^^^
  9. yo, fuck shaving my hair for no female. i think all that shit is a little on the gay side..............
  10. Grafn4Fame


    RoundTable.........ham and pineapple rocks!
  11. i second that............
  12. this is what i'm talkimg about.........
  13. most people don't know about Fresno, i don't know why, but thats where i sleep at.
  14. for me, i say its about 70% bombing and 30% piecing. mostly whatever i got the paint for
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