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  1. I go from a 0-7 ... usually I don't hate my life though.
  2. I can't believe I just found this thread. I've fallen in love with many a pornstar in my day. My first porno was amazing lesbian orgies ahh I loved that video... Any way the first porn star I fell in love with was Brianna Banks... A friend Gave me a video to borrow that had been passed along through the porn vine and somehow ended up at his house. So I traded the video for some crappy 80's porn I had. The beautiful Brianna Banks was on the video he gave me. I remember it like it was yesterday, she was wearing a red bandana and getting fucked by some huge biker guy. She was sooo hot. T
  3. Everything in "What Color Underwear Are You Wearing Today *And What Style" thread started by Smart
  4. Nice post.. Lions, atak the rainbow and railfan shots!!!
  5. Dope post. Oze Pepe holecar lookin fresh. Next time use fotango... it'll make em bigger, I think.
  6. I'm happy with my size but an extra inch woulden't hurt. My friend said he was gonna take pills.
  7. TranceStoner


    Re: Anamorphic Art WOW, can someone post more of this shit????
  8. One of the best posts I've seen in a while!
  9. Yeah asain porn rule... my favorite is Asain Crack attak 5. I'm watching the Jimmy Kimmel show right now.
  10. fuckin dope post. Acero,Post, Rich, Swek... all looking fresh
  11. great0 stuff. Lovin this guys fill in as well as pieces
  12. What the fuck is coming out of dudes head?>
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