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  1. Pepe/chip/byas/eye ?/wyse Eulogy/stie/skan(dissed) Penr Cycle hollow zask streak navy8x2 dime
  2. ewwwwwwwww.. haha.. ewwwwwww.. hehe.. ewwwwww EWWWWWWWWWWWW
  3. bumb for that chip and eye... shits lookin fresh
  4. lookin throught those pictures is kind of scary but I did see some funny ones...
  5. what I remember... Sigh Remix Gouls next to a grim reaper character? ?/?/necs/zask Autm/Aztek/Navy8/Eye/gondola hollows: Space Trife/gondola Chip Expert streaks "The mad Hatter" -97 Navy8 Smokin Joe Savior
  6. GGGG EEEE DDDDD UNIT!!!! Yeah dude the g.e.d is pretty fucking easy.. The only part I had trouble with is the math... but even that is pretty simple. Get the how to crack the G.E.D. book at a book store and study that shit.
  7. sickingly drunk but feelin that gamble and size 21
  8. oh man great news. any one see the one with bill cosby on kids say the darndest things?? The funniest thing I've ever seen! "and then what happend" bill cosby asks the little girl "He told me that if I ever told anyone he'd kill me." she replies. "And what did he look like?" Bill cosby asks. "He was old and had a scar on his arm and and he had a big FAT DOODOO HEAD!" "A BIG FAT DOOO DOO HEAD! WMA BUKK BUK PICCCA!" Bill cosby starts flipping out. I love that episode.
  9. If anyone would of tried that shit on me they would of gotten beat to shit. My friend was on the wrestling team and he told me fucked up stories about bullying the freshman... for example one story where two kids held down a freshman while a third guy farted on him. But nothing too severe. I also agree with the people who said that they shouldn't get tried as adults... but thats some fucked up shit that they did. ahh they'll be getting their share of "three finger wiggling" in jail.
  10. time for sleep... byas , savior and I caught that ges a couple months ago fucking dope.
  11. lewis/worms/erupto all dissed by get a job newa/chip/nace
  12. the last time I masterbated was yesterday after work... The story is kind of graphic so I'll try to give as little details as possible. Well I'm heading home after a long day at work and I start thinking about this chick from work. Girls got a fucking fat ass and looks good as hell. I keep thinking about her and then I add this other girl to my thoughts. By the way, I have a very good imagination haha. So I'm thinking about these chicks all the way home. By the time I get to my place, I have a stiffy the size of florida. I'm walking up the sidewalk to my place, planning to rub one off the
  13. this is the second time talking about my first masterbation experience on here. I was 13 ... it was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet with the shower turned on. I had found some crumpled up torn porno pictures in the woods by the traintrack haha. decided to try jerkin off out since I had heard about it since I was like 10. when I finished it was the proudest moment of my life. "And that started the ritual which I would repeat daily for the rest of my life."
  14. that klas is fucking dope! ^^
  15. hahahahahahahha I read that book!!!!!!! Other good books : The mole people - a womens experiences with the people who live in the subway tunnels under NYC. great book. Darma bums by Jack Keruac - similar to on the road and just as good... the first chapter or so is about riding freights.
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