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  1. the usual thing coming threw the yard... Streaks- Flow.. solo artist..2 cowboy hat guy.. character under the palm tree.. some weird character with a hat and beard smoking.. looked old Im a big streak fan
  2. hot post.. i've got that same dets flick
  3. oh yeah when i left that post to vandal, I didn't write it because i support Israel or because i love jews or something. I think that any racism aimed toward any group because of religion or color is fucked up.
  4. I think the hole world would love to know what you meant by that last post browner. But no one has any idea... put it in simpler terms that the average man can understand
  5. OH yeah and... oh yeah and you were talking about being "biased and misinformed" JESUS FUCKING CRIST
  6. ArtVandal you fucking nazi go back to your lynching and get off this fucking website! You are right about the media being owned by corporate fucks richer than all put together on this website... But to blame it on the jews is pretty fucking ignorant, putting any politics aside.. What did your mom get fucked up the ass by a jew when she was still with your dad. Or did you get raped by the kosher sausage when you were locked up? Either way its still fucked up to say racist shit like that nomatter what has happend in your life.
  7. I remember seeing a report on the news about a helicopter that was five miles away from the twin towers which is considered too close. that helicopter was seen on airport radar and escorted by two helicopters to a safe distance. So why exactly weren't the planes on 911 seen on the radar and reported before they hit the buildings? The only reports were made after they hit the buildings.
  8. Pistol.. pistol.. pistol.. im dissapointed in you
  9. Ctr+ alt+ delete- you are right about everyone not being opened minded. But i am sure on a web site like this the information will go through to a few. thanks for putting that pearl harbor info too.
  10. ill give you that yeah fine you caught me in my own contradiction. Here's a million bucks and a slap on the back for a job well done.
  11. yeah so i was listening to this progressive radio station New Yorks WBAI and this guy Gary Knole(i don't know if you spell it like that) was talking about how the U.S. government planned the 911 attacks. He also was saying that back in the 70's the government had this plan that if the American people got too liberal and rebelious they would make an attack on a well known building. They're idea was that if they did this the American people would support anything that the goverment would do. For example war with other contrys or tighter security. Some of the proof that Gary Knole had was one,
  12. I like this website myself... Umm yeah whaat am i gonna say again... oh yeah umm fucking check out this website.. it just got updated a couple days ago alot of Jerzy freights and walls plus some national bench. hot shit.. check the site out and send in some fucking flix!
  13. umm send an email to train-hoppers@nw.com asking to be a member i think thats how you join. oh yeah and why does it say that i can't put attachments? does anyone know
  14. oh yeah check out the guy standing on top of the train!
  15. Ummm... i thought some of you might enjoy this. i thought it was pretty cool. Its an old picture of Royal Gorge i got sent on a freight hopping mailing list, taken by a hobo around 1935.:king: umm i wanted to put up an attachment but it says i can't so check out the webpage. why can't i put an attachment?!? GOD DAMN IT? I NEED SOME FUCKING HELP http://gowest.coalliance.org/cgi-bin/image...0135961+GB-5961
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