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  1. ^^^Is this in New Jersey? If not i saw a similar looking abyss in the middle of nowhere jersey.
  2. 13/16.. some of those were tricky...
  3. They showed a replay of the fabio situation on the Jimmy Kimmel show. I have mucho respect for jimmy kimmel. http://www.sergioleone.net/00rich/fabio.jpg'> +http://www.realitytvworld.com/images/heads/137.jpg'>
  4. HAAHAHAHAH did anyone watch the ending of average joe??? It was the funniest thing i have ever seen. First of all let me say the chick marissa is a fucking bitch for not picking the guy from boston. she instead picked the dick head jock. But the funniest thing about the show was the ending when marissa has to reveal a huge secret about her past. My two guesses were that she was either a man or had been a porn star. But she revealed to us all that she, "used to date Fabio." When she said that she used to date Fabio the jock guy started freaking out and was like "no no no i can't go on wi
  5. cowboy bebop is the shit. I just watched some anime porn for the first time ha ha shit is funny as hell. Dude shoots a fuckin rocket load of cum in bitches face.
  6. I heard if your a member of the quaker church you don't have to fight in a war.. I'm about to become a quaker ha
  7. wtf? it ended tonight? damn i missed that shit. http://www.thelittlestgroom.com/images/A_set_photos_06.jpg'> http://www.thelittlestgroom.com/images/B_set_photos_02.jpg'> This midget is pretty hot ^^ http://www.thelittlestgroom.com/images/A_set_photos_13.jpg'>
  8. i dono i thought the fiance shit was fuckin hilarious. i do agree, that average joe shit is great too. I'm with you on rooting for the boston guy.
  9. My Big Fat Abnoxious Fiance RULES!!! Damn , I just saw the ending to "my big fat abnoxious fiance." That shit was fucking great! I've been watching the show on and off and I have to say that had to be the best ending to a reality tv show ever. Any one else watch this shit? These reality tv shows are getting crazy.. each one trying to top the last. This new one with the midgets is pretty cool. How can you not enjoy a show where 12 midget chicks battle over the love of a midget guy. And then theres this one thats like a foot and a half tall.. ahh i love monday night tv now.
  10. Mber/jbue chip/navy/stie/tre freak/sorce? freak resto(stamped)/lead/?/?
  11. nice post man. xrae,awe dope shit
  12. http://www.you-are-a-huge-nerd.com/public/freepix/DSC00144.jpg'> http://www.you-are-a-huge-nerd.com/public/freepix/Serk032.jpg'> i like these two alot.
  13. dope post. feelin that 1st lewis alot, savior, labrona, eye/navy.
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