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  1. yo res or arms drop a line before i drop a dime on you both. haha. i'm about to be in your city real soon. hit me with a pm.
  2. CLEVELAND HAS GRAFFITI? I ONLY THOUGHT THEY WERE A CITY FULL OF LOSERS AND LOW LIFES. http://www.post-gazette.com/images2/20031124pd_reed_maddox_juboPJ_450.jpg'>
  3. REVOK SEVER RIME they got some burners down town by the mellon arena. any get flix of that shit? it's fuckin sick. post some up if you got them.http://www24.brinkster.com/oscarclips/msk.jpg'>
  4. / /http://bl4ckh4m.com/~niser/sflkeynise.JPG'>
  5. you gave me dome piece marice you look like a dick riding faggot to me.....where is your own shit at?
  6. ahsdoahdaosihdo i'm just fuckin with ya saer dont you know a drunken felon by now?!??????????????????????????? hahahhahaaaaaa
  7. going going back back to county county the fuck if i care
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