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  1. hackthebone


    Mapo..you're an angry, angry young man....
  2. hackthebone


    they're all pretty shitty right now..i had some luck with www.fototime.com i think all the 12ozers rape and pillage they're servers and they shut down....
  3. hackthebone

    decorating australia

    HAHA..don't sweat it kuphskee...this lil cunt uncle-boy's from HAWAII so he's been dealt a fatal blow in life anyway...check out one of they're threads for a good giggle. nice update too...
  4. hackthebone


    yeah good thing rip you gormless erection.... DEE DEE RAMONE-R.I.P.
  5. hackthebone

    fx crew

    Obviously one of the most experienced and talented crews to grace this earth...get off the “legal eagle” name calling bandwagon it is not only very played but ignorant to the utmost... RESPECT!
  6. hackthebone


    IRELAND:1 CAMEROON:1 highlight for mine, the excellent headwork displayed by the two cameroon players on each other....that's gotta hurt.
  7. hackthebone

    Favorite Gangsta Movies.....

    ah yes good ol chop chop....not really a gangster movie..more of a one man hit squad. American me..
  8. hackthebone

    fresstyling pieces

    freestyling is a definate talent...i have seen one guy do his piece and then need a character to finish it off so he picked up a old newspaper off the ground and duplicated some photo that was in it...not really freestyled i guess because it was from a picture..but it impressed fuck outta me...