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  1. jismone

    random NYC

  2. jismone

    Continuous song/poem thing

    I realized that this thread is gay..
  3. jismone

    Worst pick-up lines ever

    "I see you have braces, I have braces too. Wanna do it?"
  4. jismone


    fucking hippy, you sound like moby or some shit...
  5. jismone

    THE C.I.A. KNEW!!!

    ... and Fox Mulder mad :mad:
  6. jismone


    Requiem For a Dream... It was a good movie but everyone got fucked at the end kinda freaked me out.. lost highway and that movie with that kid who is all naxi and shit and finds out his next door neghbor was a nazi and makes the old dude dress up in his old gear and heil and shit... i dont know.. never mind
  7. jismone

    "raddest" Nintendo games.....

    http://seanbaby.com/nes/images/pwabback.gif'> http://seanbaby.com/nes/images/pw-backd.gif'> http://seanbaby.com/nes/images/pwaoutlaw.gif'> http://seanbaby.com/nes/images/starstat.gif'> Pro Wrestling!!!! Can't FUCK with Star Man.
  8. jismone

    Favorite song lines

    Of course we need the wood to burn a Godless heathen, Catch him red handed only if his palms are bleeding. -Sage Francis Couldn't spit sick shit kid, licking your coldsores, and leave you scared to drop shit like school stalls with no doors. -Qwel (Typical Cats) Some kids say, "This is an underground Cannibus and LL." Thats comedy, cuz i'll serve all 3 of ya'll. -Sole If theres crack in the basement, crackheads stand adjacent. -Cannibal Ox Ill keep it short or no one will read it :(
  9. jismone

    REAL age of 12oz users

    i wish i was still 16 :(
  10. Fuck the twins, Danny Tanner was the heart and soul of that show long live Bob Saget
  11. i think thats very wrong.. but its too funny
  12. jismone

    how many MP3s do you have?

  13. When i was in 6th grade and found out what a dingleberry was i didn't believe it was real... now i know
  14. jismone

    Oral vs Anal

    Oral proves a nice face is better then a nice ass