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  1. KEY now there is a writer who is deff slept on. fucking dope as all hell and he been doing his thing for a long time. i dont see you guys hardely ever posting his shit. so this is a request!!! >>>>>>>CROW im looking in your direction. ahem ahem. if someone gives me a god host site ill be gald to bless you with some key gems.
  2. damn them golden west cars be gettin stampped on the right pannel fuckin sucks!
  3. looks like heat did it again. and that met is surprisingly good.
  4. promedio Aves siempre asombra. ese Muse es no bueno.
  5. DOPE DOPE DOPE yoooooooooo joooooooe is that the canon site? i dont understand how to use it. i been to the site but it has something that says a promotional code. thats where i got EFFED. can you help me.
  6. Mega Tron

    a few fr8s

    i cant believe you flicked a cosoe tag i think he would feel kinda silly for both of you if i told him.
  7. Mega Tron

    BoxCar Thread

    Burp! i just digested some wackness........
  8. http://www.redheadgallery.com/redheads1/red083.jpg'> this chick is mad 80 corporate business look
  9. bump bump looks like crow got the diesel flick collection. what host site do you use? mine fucking BLOWS
  10. since yall have big internet mouths. thats fine. i have had my head cracked open a few times with a pool stick, clipper bat and various. similar to the gent with the ear and i paid the price. i also lost a finger but all i wanted to know was if there were people out there that felt the same way as i did when i said "gross images sometime fascinate me more then the beautiful ones." but since we have a few pussies on this site who like to run their yap i will desist and let you stay in your narrow-minded world.
  11. i was just wondering if anyone wanted to contribute to a thread like this with pics. now im no masochist or severe freak but i find it interesting sometimes to look at acts of violence or gore. gross images sometime fascinate me more then the beautiful ones. and if not. then this thread will just die. http://www.s-lift.com/s-lift/pic/u-suture.jpg'> thank you
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