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  1. ok should be all fixed up now... thanks for the info
  2. 46 flick update on LayedUp... http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html
  3. that belab site isnt working for me...
  4. yeah the dead sites arent much fun... :rolleyes: 20 flick update on LayedUp... http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html moving next week, and the others are on vacation for a couple weeks so updates might be a little slow, but i just got a digicam so i can get more flicks at the bench once we're back... maybe a heafty update this weekend, depending on what rolls though
  5. updated once again Layedup is updated once again, another update coming at the end of the week... I still havent got the dot com name =/ the link is http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html
  6. 21 new flicks updated at: http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html
  7. 21 new flicks at: http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html
  8. 40 flick update on Layed Up today, as well as some html changes for simpler viewing.... getting a dotcom name soon, but for now goto http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html
  9. bump for Myne.. nice characters as always
  10. elite's got some hot shit! http://keepsix.puregraffiti.com/layedup/photos/freights/elite_001f.jpg'>
  11. http://www.pbase.com/image/2658300.jpg'> thats Sen left to Ses... hot stuff!
  12. new freight site!! 100+ freight update on the new 'Layed Up' site. Ill be getting a .com url but for now you can reach it at: http://www.keepsix.net/layedup/layedup.html
  13. c-walk: thanks dude... Im working on a freight site seperate from Keepsix, should be up in a week or two... in the mean time all the freight flicks are still on www.keepsix.net
  14. heres something i came across... make sure your volume is up caus eits hard to hear... http://www.heavensfantasy.com/cool/
  15. http://www.keepsix.net updated today Ottawa and Vancouver walls, Freight update tomorrow
  16. moyen wasnt even in that flick... also its Kine, not rine... fame whore; i see your up to your usual antics on another board... ouch, i suck! roll over red rover...
  17. egr and mes3 are girls and self's a guy... theres more flicks of them on www.visualorgasm.com, also i think mes has some freights on nothingbutfreights
  18. i think you shouldnt base your opinion on just one piece... head over to www.keepsix.net and theres lots of flicks on there from those guys.... i think theyre dope.. but your right, the pink was a bad idea, but everyone makes mistakes
  19. cant talk about female writers a canadian contingent... Egr and Mes3... theyre dope! flicks from VO.. http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/to-egr008.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/to-mes001.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/ms001.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/to-mes3004.jpg'> _____________________ www.keepsix.net
  20. hey dude, email me... webmaster@keepsix.net ________________ www.keepsix.net
  21. just a production in Ottawa from the summer http://keepsix.puregraffiti.com/photos/prod/aspire_kine_mesa_anode_009.jpg'> ____ www.keepsix.net
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