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  1. cue old lady WHERES THE BEEF?!?!?!?
  2. Your daddy must of been a meat robber, because it looks like he took 2 fine christmas hams and shoved em down the back of your pants
  3. vans

    Tools of the trade

    Re: fUcK YoO! you don't deserve respect you earn it. we owe you nothing!!!!!! go learn and do whatever the fuck you can!
  4. wowie zowie yinz gotta get the sand outa yer puss and get out on the street or something. Atleast etch some starbucks! Bomb the Baha Fresh! do something instead of bitching!! As for the Reke Niser Sesk, WERE YOU BORN IN A BARN?!?!?! HAVE SOME TASTE!!!!! You probably dont have any MAMBOOS!
  5. vick doesnt look like the type of guy that takes the ka-bob very easily
  6. sharp dood, fucking sharp id post flix but i dont gotta digi.....
  7. my dope crew wait til my dope punk rock crew represents pbr is vans faheem and fjay coming to a chillspot know one will ever see near you!~
  8. F-jay is fucking dope hes one of the few writers that keeps painting fucking punk rock!
  9. he would if ebay got up more !!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  10. vans


    holy fuck how old was he?
  11. vans


    whaaaaaaaaa!? how
  12. jesus h christ we made it to the third page!!! ahhhh! post some flicks i know you guys have that new faheem piece from the busway I KNOW IT!!!
  14. Re: to the fucks what the fuck are you fucking talking about you fucking the whole fucking thing up to fuck and fucking back! FUCK jesus h fucking christ this is the fucking worlds tiniest fucking violin playing my fucking heart fucking weeps for fucking you. Tall fucking drunks? If you fucking suck drunk then fucking paint fucking good and then fucking party fucking shit goddamn fucking internet FUCK!
  15. wes borland never smelled so goooood smells like victory...........
  16. vans


    wha happened?!?!?! why does our thread suck and have no flix WHY GOD WHY!
  17. hey you wanna go back to my house and play pretend well pretend its 9/11 and im gonna ram my 747 into your world trade center until you collapse
  18. you letters have scrotums i dont know if this is good or bad im just saying they do and if your skill lacks get ballsy u can get some props that way "hrmmm his s is crooked but thats a 80 ft drop"
  19. yeah the dee dee king phase was horrible but like ozzy his good songs with the ramones make him have immunity yeah
  20. FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK! i thought i posted this first well im sorry on a lighter note how about that dangerous lives of alter boys movie its got macaully culkins brother in it should be really good
  21. yep incase you havnt heard DEE DEE RAMONE IS DEAD! DEEEEEEEEAAAAAD! were losing ramones left and right theres 3 led zepplin members left and only 2 ramones members so lets riot
  22. for the people who were nice i thank you greatly
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