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  1. Obsolete

    5 movies.

    think theyve all been said shawshank redemtion the boondock saints american history x fight club mallrats
  2. Obsolete

    your favorite classic rock song..

    deep purple - smoke on the water i never listen to rock , but i remember my brothers garage band playing that when i was really little and i could never get enough
  3. Obsolete

    Double Eh.. the TOP 5

    Mark b and Blade - the unknown gza/genius - liquid swords radiohead - talk show host bliss'n esoteric - midst of madness FG and J-red - journeymen
  4. Obsolete

    my shits been green for weeks

    farst <---healthy brown boy
  5. Obsolete

    Lover or Fighter?

  6. Obsolete

    your playlist.

    culture of kings a tribe called quest Gza/Genuis liquid swords task force mark b and blade alkaholiks the pharcyde bliss'n esoterikism
  7. Obsolete

    Boobs or Buns? (girls welcome)

    is their a both option ?
  8. Obsolete

    Old kung fu flicks

    FIST OF LEGEND best kung fu movie ever
  9. Obsolete

    So hows your life right now?

    my life is good . im happy. boo-ya!
  10. Obsolete

    Its saturday night.

    sunday morning.... :spent:
  11. Obsolete

    *Stupid Permanent Fears

    the first time i ever went on a plane , we hit some turbulence when i was taking a crap..yeah , ill have to say that was one of the worst crap related things that could have ever happened.
  12. IF , you dont care about people having serious conversations and developing some sort of support on the internet , why the fuck do you start a thread about it complaining ? if you dont care so much it should roll right of , but does it ? no . take your insecure ass and maybe , do some sort of good . people seem to think that relationships cant form on the internet , yeah it seems sort of weird and pedophilisih in some cases , but people giving support to someone with a dying mother ? their are people behind the computers fuckface , and maybe , just maybe they have some sort of compassion or theyve expericnce it before .and maybe they HAVE SOME FUCKING REPECT. if you dont like the thread . just go to a differnt one .
  13. Obsolete

    my mom might die

    fuck the hate . theyre insecure and scared . hang in there nak . peace.
  14. Obsolete

    my mom might die

    ya nak whats up . im not gonna say i know what your going though coz i dont , im about the same age as you , ive had to deal with people i know killing themselves but i cant begin to imagine what your going through . anyway dont even give a shit about the shit talkers on here , the fact is theres real people behind the computers and some of them do actually care. just wanted to say that. hang in their man . just make sure she knows you love her , friends and family first . peace .