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  1. MYLK

    Ici Montréal

    ICER! STARE! SCAN! run tings
  2. MYLK

    Ici Montréal

    quoi? show me the N M E !!!
  3. got chased, couldn't finish. rip2005
  4. :burn: JEVA holler if you're reading this
  5. Don't buy drugs off the 5,000 dealers in the red light -- supposedly they're mostly cops Flying Pig is where the party's at
  6. MYLK


    oh shit son tell me you're not 19
  7. actually nevermind its all about this: :krunk:
  8. MYLK

    Graff Girls

    my girl burns pretty much this entire board i think... :king:
  9. NME CREW IS ICHIBAN no more excuses... :mad2:
  10. :king: i got some...i'll post em tomorrow...
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