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  1. where abouts were these caught? if ya dont mind me askin
  2. if you did about 500 more, then you could post your shit here, but you would still have to throw in some other peoples shit...cause you just cant pull it off solo.
  3. shore freights get dissed for a reason...........trust me.
  4. I cant wait till america takes over your fuckin pussy ass country.....where ever you are................:lol: :lol:
  5. Mother fuckers dont realize that the "freight heads" that are hard core down in america hit transit too. but reallistically you cant paint transit in america every day. you have to be unpredictable about that shit. but you can paint frieghts every day. thats why people paint so many freights. Its not cause we dont appreciate transit. hell, we invented painting transit. WE DO APRECIATE IT. That shit is sacred in america. But I do think that euro and americans need to realize that graff has evolved into much much more that painting subways. And the "risk" factor shouldnt be an issue......Do you think the punishment for painting cleans in the early 80's is the same as it is today?......if you want some more risk in your life why not kill people?
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