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  1. I do research for a law firm. I basically get paid to surf the net and check out sneakers on eBay.
  2. http://ebaumsworld.com/smb3beat.html here's super mario bros. 3 beat in 11 minutes. if this was posted before ignore this; otherwise, have fun.
  3. i always vote for boogie hands for some reason...
  4. hahaha... it's all about cullyfornyuh... that shit was great!
  5. i'm also at work, but when i'm desperate i goto shockwave.com.
  6. I still have Ban This on betamax... ah.. those were the days...
  7. maybe they have jobs now. real life will do that.
  8. space


    you can still find old Transformers episodes on kazaa... and they have a new comic book out, its pretty tight. but yeah, its become trendy to wear t-shirts with Transformers on em, whatever.
  9. space


    life's too short to be depressed... atleast for awhile, have a drink, you'll feel better.
  10. this question goes well with all the other questions that ask, whats your height, weight, eye color, etc etc... hmmm... no, i'm not paranoid.
  11. cellphones are annoyin, people that rock "ice", doo rags and hats, etc etc... you figure it out.
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