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  1. Robocop

    full page

    i think it sucks a monkey's left testicle.
  2. Robocop


    hahahaha... beer is good.
  3. Robocop


    hahaha.. me and bojangles are about to get smashed.
  4. uhmm.. hmm... . not finishing highschool and becoming a wanderer..
  5. hmm.. seno- im back in cleveland right now, and i plan on moving here shortly, by the way i just rocked a new piece at the funwall on the back go peep it. blahblahblah- i probably paint more than you, so suck a dick. ill post some stuff once i get to a scanner.
  6. ^^are you trying to write TRIXTER???^^
  7. uhmm.. i bet i paint more than you do..
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