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  1. loudhardfast


    luxer dope luxer shit. keepin the southbay on lock....
  2. loudhardfast

    Wash DC

    ? not to discredit KOMA or NORES but why are they refered to as DC's LAST Street kings? those fools get up alot and they had alot of shit runnin last time i was in DC, but it seems a little pretentious to claim that no person will ever wreck that city after them. I guess CAST is right about the homie homie hook up in the magazine. it is just sad that thousands of little toy fucks all over the nation are gonna pick up that mag and be force fed some bullshit. im not sure if i am mad because its bullshit or because i dont have a homie with a magazine.....
  3. loudhardfast

    lost angelez

    i guess no ones been out flicking graffola. and as far as carne asada being "rank shit", you better recognize puto.
  4. loudhardfast

    lost angelez

    i guess no ones been out flicking graffola. and as far as carne asada being "rank shit", you better recognize puto.
  5. loudhardfast

    lost angelez

    since you like beef so much: http://inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/carne.jpg'> http://inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/puramadre.jpg'> cmon take a bite. i promise by the time your finished you'll feel right as rain........
  6. loudhardfast

    lost angelez

    Re: crack a 40 when the sun go down... i think it says EQUALIZER. that would be my guess
  7. loudhardfast

    lost angelez

  8. loudhardfast

    --Last Ups Jam--

    that TARGET piece is one of the dopest pieces ive seen.
  9. loudhardfast

    Snail trail down your happy trail

    hey I PATCH, im coming back to you!!! ill see you in a few weeks doggie, ill buy you a beer or 12.
  10. loudhardfast

    my roadtrip to scribble..........

    tis I. that was fun coming through. you guys were cool as fuck. i dont know when ill be back through. perhaps i can sneak one last trip in while im out here. link should be fixed now. email me and we can discuss this further....
  11. loudhardfast

    my roadtrip to scribble..........

    im sorry about the flicks being gone, but it was fuckin up my bandwidth mang. if you want to see them click here
  12. loudhardfast

    lost angelez

    yup INDIA is KOG and LGF, and as far as LA graff going downhill, the only people bringing down graff in LA is the dumb motherfuckers who talk shit online. now back to the flicks.....
  13. loudhardfast


    much respect, kid had mad style, always came with that sick balance. Rest in Power
  14. loudhardfast

    my roadtrip to scribble..........

    and in closing i would like to thank all those who put on scribble jam, cause that shit was mighty fun. to all the kids that got trampled in the pit when dibbs put on rage, im sorry. to all the girls that got their asses mysteriously grabbed thank you for being there in my time of need. to the bartender chick that kept those bacardi and cokes coming strong, thank you. and last but not least to that kid at my hotel that tried to sell me that dime of stress for 45 bucks, maybe next year homie, maybe next year.
  15. loudhardfast

    my roadtrip to scribble..........

    and for those who didnt go this is what it looked like inside. granted i was drunk so it was sorta blurry..... http://www.inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/done/n1.jpg'> http://www.inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/done/n2.jpg'> and outside.... http://www.inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/done/n3.jpg'>