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  1. wat is this supposed to be? Fewm BTC Northside...
  2. Somebody quick, Free GeeNuts and Saddam! Okay scratch the second thought how about Leonard Peltier! (some of you kids may not know who Leonard Peltier is so now's a good time to do your research!)
  3. I don't know about all this nonsense but I know that GeeNuts is a Packers fan. (Fudge-packer that is!) :)
  4. Please don't spare any expletives that might encourage independant thought..thank you!
  5. Pffffftttt!!!! Italy vs US I mean c'mon! Why is the US there in the first place? The Italians WILL weave this one with their eyes closed! (Hi-five to the one who gets that last sentence by knowing which movie it's from!)
  6. What a sad line of bitches this city has become....you really want something to bitch about why don't you toys (and that means all of you!) get together to protest about the increase of wages of the aldermen and the mayor (whom you all deem as the greatest arch rival in your pathetic game of cat and mouse). or better yet go to the Englewood neighborhood and witness the fact that there's a "writer" there that's actually doing something to address a epidemic that needs a great amount of attention....oh but wait! that would only cause you to use logic and reason something that seems to lacking in the Windy Pity (i meant City...)
  7. It all came from the east...when will the masses come together to recognize the calligraphic ingenuity of TFP, TC-5, UA, and including with the rebirth of styles coming from crews like FBA, AOK, RIS, and XTC. Biters, trendsetters, originators, etc. remember everyone does something so why is you talkin' -hey wait a minute!:confused:
  8. One of the nicest threads to come in a while... I'm really feeling the title to the thread, but seriously the Amerikan people need a "hero" to lead them to their demise.
  9. Re: mafia traingle circle square........ Personally I suggest you go back to school and learn a thing or two about the importance of an education. Really to go online and say "chink" leads me to believe you were probably beaten up a number of times in karate video games. And for the record Jems is wasting his time with the fake AOM. Maybe he should relocate.... to Denver. But I am only one grain of sand in the beach of life.
  10. I believe he does more than the sun rises...
  11. Taking transportation to a new level... nice scenic glorys.
  12. Word. Personally I'd like to see a heavy coke user try to mess with psychedelics persay mushrooms.
  13. It's good to see the neighbors north of the United Snakes get busy...different, but the intentions are still the same. To crush that is...
  14. Something refreshing to look at and someone cool to know...
  15. Chicago is more drama than All my kids in Hollywood! I been told of great writers who did shit and smacked kids, now its overrun by kids acting out of order and taking names of dead writers and recycling crews that don't even belong to you! Ya'll should've built that city on Rock and Roll not rappin' bullshit!
  16. Re: werd Funny how could you offer a bump for polak, but at the same time diss fact and doe...pity you didn't have them on your team for your war... :( :( :( :(
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