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  1. http://www.kolage.com/graff/hypeone.jpg'>http://www.kolage.com/graff/elser.jpg'>http://www.kolage.com/graff/eidrhand.jpg'>http://www.kolage.com/graff/nots.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/graff/smae.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/graff/urine.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/graff/cyfer.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/graff/nots_drsex.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/graff/wholewall.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/pieces/images/5c.jpg'> http://www.kolage.com/graff/creme.jpg'> kolage.com
  2. http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/9c.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/bridgetracks.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/hyponerism.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/notsonerism.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/3c.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/woodling_production2.jpg'>
  3. hmm... i think it's a shortened version of kolage.. quit being weird. http://www.kolage.com/productions/images/23.jpg'>
  4. saw this in an artshow in seattle.. http://www.kolage.com/fineart/images/11.jpg'>
  5. Re: the funk don't stop here.. http://www.kolage.com/pieces/images/18c.jpg'> www.kolage.com
  6. the funk don't stop here.. http://www.kolage.com/productions/images/20.jpg'>
  7. there's seriously no doubt about it that zask is the man. hands down.
  8. GoldDigga

    ewok flix

    no need to sound redundent, but... has anyone checked out .com's .com? www.ewokone.com dope site.
  9. GoldDigga


    only props to be given.. hands down, one dope writer. the compisition, color techniques, overall letter structure, and skill are profusely magnificent. definately eye candy. down mofucker as well. holla.
  10. new gem.. another new joint.. enjoy http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/kaes_LA.jpg'>
  11. http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/10a.jpg'> not all are finished.. i think it will be updated on the site soon though..
  12. sorry money, it's on the site under productions.. its that last piece in the thread. ill post it another day. enjoy.
  13. this head is another slept on writer.. i was out visiting SF a week ago and caught an ill production with kurve, seen, diet, renos, mews, ivory, and kolage... completely burned the wall. this shit's hot. don't be a weenie or a whiner, peep it. www.kolage.com www.kolage.com www.kolage.com www.kolage.com www.kolage.com www.kolage.com http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/7b.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/10b.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/12b.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/17c.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/15c.jpg'>
  14. spot was dope. free wine. should've checked it. i'll dig through the crates for some more flicks for ya'll. holla
  15. http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/clown.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/leon.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/kefr.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/zyer.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/cyfersmizle.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/drippinraelo.jpg'> http://www.ewokone.com/zbackdoorgraff/enewear.jpg'> big shout to my man at www.ewokone.com fo hookin the space..
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